What is your website about and what problems do you solve

What Is It?

Our previous entry told you to ensure that your website clearly spells out What It Is – meaning what is your website about, what do you offer, what problem do you solve.

Here at Amazing Ideas, Inc., at least currently, we hit the visitor straight away with a few important points on how people are using searches and what you need to be aware of for your website and for your business in order to stand a chance of success via your website directly or indirectly. We then quickly proceed to offer a couple of our solutions to solve the challenges that we have just outlined.

Amazing Ideas, Inc. offers a huge variety of services, but to offer all of these on the first page of our website would cause a complete overwhelm and we would probably lose many potential clients.

Instead, when you scroll down just a tad more on the first page of our website, you will see that we have a predominant focus on 4 things that actually all have to do with the main issue we raised right at the beginning.

The four things are:

1. Get Listed

2. Move Up

3. Dominate


4. Lead The Pack

In other words, we raised the problem or challenge of a business such as yours to get onto results with the search engines and to achieve such a great ranking that you get in way at the top. You will need to dominate the search results for what it is you offer or for the problems to which you bring solutions.

Then when you dominate here, you can move on to leading the pack.

The leading the pack part is something we will come back to more later on. It might involve showing your true leadership and leadership abilities and it could even in some instances be personifying you as a real authority. When such an authority position is taken on via personification of say YOU, then we are pretty much also talking about establishing you as more or less a celebrity in your field.

For some this celebrity status may at first feel uncomfortable or possibly weird. But you have to remember that ultimately we all like to do business with people and more so than doing buying from just faceless businesses.

Now in truth, sometimes you don’t necessarily want to present you business with you as a front figure, for it can also limit what you can do with the business later on or possibly even put too much demand on you personally rather than on the business. this is a subject matter for a different time, but just to illustrate what I mean, then imagine that down the road you wish to exit your business and retire or do something else.

In such a situation it may not be in your best interest if the entire business is solely associated with you as a person to produce the results. For that would mean that it would be difficult or challenging to transfer the perception over to someone else or just to come with the business.

When in a sale situation of a business, you would like the value of the business to be transferable to those who buy it. Not only because they should get value out of the purchase, but also because that will be the only way for you to achieve a good compensation for your business.

I mentioned that personifying it with you personally could also lead to too much demand on you. Say e.g. your business is that of plumbing services. If you are the only person who can be trusted to deliver qualifying service in your business, then as your business grows, more demand for you personally will grow too and you will be limited by the time you have available. In other words, you will limit your scalability.

Ultimately, I believe there are ways to achieve both. Way to make you as a lead figure for the business a celebrity that helps your business grow, while also making the business a celebrity and authority in its field. But these are certainly things to consider along the way. In some instances you might not have much of a choice, such as if you are a public speaker and if that is your business. Then you are IT. But could you potentially create your speaking topics into such proprietary material that people would flock to it even if it was delivered by other professional speakers? I would venture that you might be able to make it happen to some extent. This is kinda the case when you were to license out your material for instance.


I have what I endearingly call my personal ego-website. Because I do so many things, and because at lot of them are not related to each other it often becomes a challenge when I meet people at events and such that are not related to any specific of the businesses that I’m involved in. When asked the typical question: So, what do you do? Then I’m challenged for choosing an appropriate answer. So long ago I decided that I would have my personal ego website that I could basically refer people to.

The problem with the site was though, that the content of it would jump from one topic to another without any necessary other, rhyme or reason other than what I just had felt like at a certain point in time. Also the site doesn’t deliver ONE thing in particular nor try to sell ONE thing in particular (actually not really aiming to sell anything from the site at the moment, even if there is a link or two). So ordinarily this confuses people and to overcome this, I basically actually asked the three important questions on the site and provided the answers too. The questions that would help people along with what the site was all about and why it existed in the first place.

You can go and see what I mean by visiting http://www.mikkelpitzner.com


Upcoming post will move onwards in this series on the 3 Things Your Website Must Do and will look at the second thing your website must do.

I hope to see you there and you can bookmark this link for your future revisits: 3 Things Your Website Must Do

 Note: This not was written at the time we came to the end of the 3 Questions we are stating your website must answer. We had placed these posts in the series called 3 Things That Your Website Must Do, but it should more correctly be 3 Questions Your Website Must Answer. In light of this revelation and for the sake of future quick navigation, we have now made it available under this new heading too (the old heading will remain in function too, but this new title for the series would be a more correct one). In other words, if you wish later on to revisit the 3 Questions, then just go to 3 Questions Your Website Must Answer



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