The third question your website must answer is the question of What Do I Get?

What Do I Get?

What Do I Get?

That’s right, the question “What Do I Get?” is the third question you must answer on your website, in other words the third thing your website must do.

It is that famous “What’s In It For Me?” Question that needs to answered.

We all want to know what’s in it for me? Why should I care? What are you offering? Is it valuable for me?

 Again for us here at Amazing Ideas, Inc. the reply is that you’ll find in us a marketing agency that will help your business get in front of the right hungry crowd of customers. We will help your website get found, ranked high and get to a point where it can dominate the search engine results for the relevant keywords of your industry and location. And if you truly listen to us, we will help you lead the pack to.

We will help you with capturing the visitors of your website into leads and turn the leads into friends and ultimately turn the friends into raving fan customers.

In addition we will help you get automated to the best extent possible so that your set up will work for you even when you are not. It will work for you at night when you are sound asleep and it will work for you when you are off on vacation or indeed handling other clients.

We also offer a ton of other marketing associated done for you services and strategies including, but not limited to direct response marketing, inbound marketing, search engine optimization and much, much more.

Via our website you will also learn everything that we have learned of great sound marketing that works as well as learn the key insights of lessons we have yet to learn or as things evolve. That’s right, sometimes what used to work no longer brings the right results, but is usually replaced with something new that then does. We will share with you what we learn from our business, from the results of our clients and from the best of the best within the marketing industry with whom we collaborate and study.


That’s what you will get with us.

Now, make sure you answer the same question of “What Do I Get?” for your business and on your website.


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Actually as you will learn from our next upcoming post, the past few posts here on our website that make up our current series should probably have been entitled 3 Questions Your Website Must Answer. In light of this revelation and for the sake of future quick navigation, I will make it available under this new heading (the old heading will remain in function too, but this new title for the series would be a more correct one). In other words, if you wish later on to revisit the 3 Questions, then just go to 3 Questions Your Website Must Answer.







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