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Traditional Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore

The fact of the matter is the marketing techniques that were solid and reliable for local businesses to use to reach their market in the past are no longer working. This means Yellow Pages ads, newspapers and other types of hard copy advertising are simply not bringing in business. That’s because people simply don’t use them anymore.

Businesses that are still using such outdated forms of advertising are throwing away thousands and thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing every month. If you are one of those people still investing in such ads, ask 10 people where their copy of the Yellow Pages is. Most can’t tell you or will tell you they put it in the recycling bin shortly after it arrived. What does that tell you about the money you’re spending?

Consumers are looking more and more to the Internet to find information about the services and products they are seeking, even locally. Therefore, if businesses want to reach new customers they simply must have a quality Internet presence. And that does not mean just a lame website that a kid could have put together! 

Today’s most effective websites are well thought out, interesting, personable and informative. They utilize a variety of savvy online marketing techniques in order to stand out from their competitors. If you have a site with no keywords in it and almost no backlinks, you are missing the boat and will never get to the top of the search engine results.


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