The Third Thing Your Website Must DO

The Third Thing Your Website Must Do

We have come to the last thing that your website must do in our series of the 3 Things Your Website Must Do and so without further ado, here’s the third thing your website must do:


Your website must sell.

If you really want your website to be truly useful for your business, it really should sell for you too.

For many types of businesses this could be specifically that it has a virtual shopping cart and a check out system accepting some means of payment, usually by way of accepting credit cards.

If your products are products that can be shipped off easily, then this is a no-brainer. If your products are electronic and be downloaded from your website it becomes even more of a no-brainer.

“Yeah, that all very fine, but my services are service services and require my physical presence,” you may say. Or, “But I’m a dentist and I need my customers to come and sit in my chair before I can charge then.”

Well, you are right. In such instances (and of course many of our businesses are like that) then your website won’t be selling as in handling the payment part and doing the check out per se. But that doesn’t mean your website shouldn’t be selling.

You see, your website should get the customers ready to buy from you once they then come into your dentist chair or when they do call on your plumbing service.

What I mean is, that your website must do a great job at convincing the potential customer that you are the right person for the job. That you are an authority in your area of expertise and that they will be in the best of hands with you for what they need.

In other words, if your website does a good job, the potential customers will already be pre-sold on you and on your business when they call you up. That way the rest are mere the details, whereas you now no longer will need to try to convince them that they should choose you.

Stated in another way, the website already sold them on you.


There are many things that go into ensuring that potential customers get sold on you and your business via the website, but certainly one of the elements is that you need to build a trust. A trust in you being a true expert in your area or that your products or services are truly to be preferred over those of competitors.

We won’t go into all of these aspects in this post here, but will probably come back at a later point in time to do so.

For now let’s just say that achieving the pre-sold stage is an outcome from all elements of your website, including the looks and feel, how effective it works and even how well and logically its navigation is. Choice of words and images play in, and any “celebrity” status that you bring in for yourself or for the exemplification of your business play a role. When you have brought great value via the website as we discussed in the first post in this series of the 3 Things Your Website Must Do, you may be a whole lot more likely that your potential customer is already sold on you.

Via your great content and possibly via your direct response marketing and the auto-responder email series (we have already talked about these in the previous posts) you have already build a Know, Like and Trust relationship with your customer and they already by now, know that you are a true expert and an authority in your field of expertise. The customer feels safe in their choice and the rest becomes more a thing of delivering the rest.

If you have not read the previous posts you may wish to go back and do so. The first post in this particular series spoke spoke about the essential element of bring value via your website. It’s what gives true purpose to your website’s existence and it’s also what helps the potential customer get to know, like and trust you, so that when they call you, they are already ready to buy from you.

Another earlier post spoke about your ideal avatar. Your ideal client. When you know who your ideal avatar is, then many of the elements become more easily apparent for your work that needs to go into your website. For instance you will better know what vocabulary you need to be using. You will know what pain points they have and how then you can demonstrate via your content that you have the solution for them etc. etc. You can go into more details on this subject by revisiting the post The Perfect Website – Session 1 – The Place To Start


Amazing Ideas, Inc. is a marketing agency that helps you get your website set up the correct way and installs the lead capture functions and helps you get set up for automated communication pieces to go out to the potential customers. The aim is to first capture the leads and then turn them into friends and ultimately turn them into paying customers. Call us at 888-988-2489 to discuss further or send us an email to

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