3 Things Your Website Must Do

3 Things Your Website Must Do

At the end of last post, I promised that the post would be about the first of three things that your website must do – for you and for your business.

Well, having slept on the matter I come to the conclusion that although this is in our series of The Perfect Website, we really should break it out into its own series. Why? Because these elements and insigts are so critial and vital for a successful website that you and others may wish to come back and revisit them once in a awhile, so that you can check in with these and see if you have ensured your website delivers on these.  Therefore I believe, they should be easily found again for that purpose. Also they are so important that they deserve their own little sub heading regardless of anything else.

So let’s break this out into its own headings. They will still be part of what makes for The Perfect Website and can thus be found under this series, but they will also be found under the new series of 3 Things Your Website Must Do For You.

This then leads us to the next thing. That next thing is the fact that, I will not just bring you 3 things, but in fact 2 times 3 things, so in all 6 things. They are all important as you will see.

So here we go, commencing on our new (sub-) series 3 Things Your Website Must Do:

The first thing your website needs to do lies in the question of: What Is It?

In other words, you need to answer the question about what is the website about.

For a lot of businesses this question becomes very easy to answer and also the answer becomes very clear as soon as you visit the website in question. For instance, here’s a plumber that provides plumbing services in the greater Denver area etc.

But you would be surprised how many websites actually fail at answering this question. Or at least fail at answering the question well.

Imagine for instance you are a business coach, perhaps with a keen specialty of helping with turn around businesses for the small local businesses. Imagine also that you have a prevailing expertise with certain industry of businesses, let’s say e.g. such as small manual labor providers and repair type of businesses.

If, however, you fail to clearly make it known that those are the areas you cater to and for, then you may invariably be met with inquiries from businesses of all other sorts that you cannot in fact help and you will provide a mismatch.

Even more often you will find website that even after you read through the website, you still don’t really know, what problems are being solved or what products or services are being offered.

The more clearly you can convey what your website is all about, who you are and what you offer, the more successful your website will be.

Therefore the message in this post is for you to ask yourself the question: Does my website clearly show and answer the question of: What Is It?

 It’s a good exercise to take a step back and check if your website clearly demonstrates what it’s all about. Make the message as clear as possible and if it isn’t clear at all, then stop up and look at how you can rewrite your content. Really what we are talking about here is the very first page of your website on which a visitor lands. It also means that you should be able to answer the question for a visitor right at onset of the website (i.e. near the very top of the website of its very first page).


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 Note: This not was written at the time we came to the end of the 3 Questions we are stating your website must answer. We had placed these posts in the series called 3 Things That Your Website Must Do, but it should more correctly be 3 Questions Your Website Must Answer. In light of this revelation and for the sake of future quick navigation, we have now made it available under this new heading too (the old heading will remain in function too, but this new title for the series would be a more correct one). In other words, if you wish later on to revisit the 3 Questions, then just go to 3 Questions Your Website Must Answer