Creating The Perfect Website - Knowing Their Pain _ Someone is searching for your brilliant solution

Knowing Their Pain

We are in our series on The Perfect Website, which is all to do with how you create your perfect website and how you get it to work for you and create the results you want.

You probably want your website to give a good presentation of you, your message or your products and services or the solutions that you provide. For businesses, personal or not, you probably want it to end up resulting in a provision of sales, either through the website itself or at least via the website.

This series should help you make some of your decisions and guide you through some of the questions you will need to answer for yourself, so that you will end up with a website that achieves what you are seeking.

In the previous post we looked predominantly at two main questions that you need to look at and how your answers to these questions may help bring about the answers to how you website should look. What color palette you might employ, the images that you will use and also the vocabulary that you will put in when you add text to your website.


The two key questions were:

  1. Who Is My Ideal Avatar?
  2. What Problem(s) Do I Solve?


As you may recall, your avatar is really as detailed a description as possible of the ideal client that you will like to have come calling you on and on again in your business.

I may in this series be focusing on a website that represents a business, but it really doesn’t matter what you are “selling” and the elements of my suggestions will still hold true.

Even if you aren’t selling anything per se, but just wish to convey your thoughts and musings, well, then ultimately, there are probably a certain set of people that you’ll rather want to attract than others. Probably you want to attract people that will resonate with your message and that will support your ideas.

By being as detailed as possible when you answer for yourself the question of Who Is My Ideal Avatar? Will help you greatly formulate outcomes that will eventually actually attract such persons while simultaneously repel people who don’t align with you, your products, your message or whatever you will put on your website.

This is good all around.

Sometimes, people are fearing they will repel others, but in truth, if the person coming to your website does not like you or resonate with your content, you will probably be better off if they are repelled and stay away altogether.

Instead you want to attract people who will love what you are bringing and who will support your quest and in case of a business, who will buy from you.


Question 2 continues and helps you get even more straight about how your website should look and how you might want to present your content.

People are usually looking for answers or solutions when online – outside of just wasting time and dillydallying from one website to another or hanging out on social media or watching videos endlessly.

What Problem Do I Solve?

A great instructor once told me that you have to camp out in their nightmare. It means that whatever problem you solve, someone has that problem and it is causing pain for that person. Paint this picture well for them and really dig into it, and then when you present your solution to them, they’ll pull out their wallet and buy from you.

It sounds a bit harsh and yes, it is in fact a bit of twisting the knife in the wound. But it can be very effective.

I’m a person who is choosing to stay as positive as possible and wishes to bring positive mindset, thoughts and actions into what I do and how I interact with the world (I wasn’t always like this, mind you). So in truth, I would rather wish to do some of this part differently.

But you need to remember that you are providing solutions of some sort and you will need to connect with your audience first. When you have shown and demonstrated that you know their pain and their struggle, then they may better trust you when you say that you have found a solution and now you are providing this to them (for pay of course).

Say you recount your story of having been debt ridden and suffered the consequences of having had a terrible credit score, but that you found your way out and now have a dream lifestyle. When you recount the story of all the struggles, of all the terrible moments when the gas, electricity and your phone were shut off. When you couldn’t get the loans you needed or the terms were such that they just dug you deeper into that hole. When your personal relationships went down the drain as a result of all the financial hardship and when you didn’t even have the few dollars for buying diapers for your newborn.

When you can recounts such stories with sincerity and real experiences, your audience who may be facing such troubles will see that you have been there and that you understand their pain.

So then when you present your solution of how you found a better way and how you pulled yourself out of your hole and how you can help them too getting back on foot and back on track to a steady financial state, then they will tune in and be interested in your solution.

OK, this particular problem-solution example might not be relevant to your business or to the problems you solve, but yet again it is. You just have to ask yourself again What Problems Do I Solve? Someone out there is searching for your brilliant solution.

A plumber for instance might be able to retell a story on how a burst water pipe led to massive water damage and all the pain that came along with that and how you have found a solution to prevent such before it ever even happens. So it’s basically the same thing as the horror story of the financially challenged person, you dig into the pain and then you offer your solution.


If you didn’t read the first session of this series, you can go back and read here: The Perfect Website – Session 1 – The Place To Start

I would love to learn more about what Problems You Solve and how you are making the world aware of your solutions. So please comment and let me and others know.



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