The third question your website must answer is the question of What Do I Get?

What Do I Get?

What Do I Get?

That’s right, the question “What Do I Get?” is the third question you must answer on your website, in other words the third thing your website must do.

It is that famous “What’s In It For Me?” Question that needs to answered.

We all want to know what’s in it for me? Why should I care? What are you offering? Is it valuable for me?

 Again for us here at Amazing Ideas, Inc. the reply is that you’ll find in us a marketing agency that will help your business get in front of the right hungry crowd of customers. We will help your website get found, ranked high and get to a point where it can dominate the search engine results for the relevant keywords of your industry and location. And if you truly listen to us, we will help you lead the pack to.

We will help you with capturing the visitors of your website into leads and turn the leads into friends and ultimately turn the friends into raving fan customers.

In addition we will help you get automated to the best extent possible so that your set up will work for you even when you are not. It will work for you at night when you are sound asleep and it will work for you when you are off on vacation or indeed handling other clients.

We also offer a ton of other marketing associated done for you services and strategies including, but not limited to direct response marketing, inbound marketing, search engine optimization and much, much more.

Via our website you will also learn everything that we have learned of great sound marketing that works as well as learn the key insights of lessons we have yet to learn or as things evolve. That’s right, sometimes what used to work no longer brings the right results, but is usually replaced with something new that then does. We will share with you what we learn from our business, from the results of our clients and from the best of the best within the marketing industry with whom we collaborate and study.


That’s what you will get with us.

Now, make sure you answer the same question of “What Do I Get?” for your business and on your website.


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Actually as you will learn from our next upcoming post, the past few posts here on our website that make up our current series should probably have been entitled 3 Questions Your Website Must Answer. In light of this revelation and for the sake of future quick navigation, I will make it available under this new heading (the old heading will remain in function too, but this new title for the series would be a more correct one). In other words, if you wish later on to revisit the 3 Questions, then just go to 3 Questions Your Website Must Answer.







3 Things Your Website Must Do

3 Things Your Website Must Do

At the end of last post, I promised that the post would be about the first of three things that your website must do – for you and for your business.

Well, having slept on the matter I come to the conclusion that although this is in our series of The Perfect Website, we really should break it out into its own series. Why? Because these elements and insigts are so critial and vital for a successful website that you and others may wish to come back and revisit them once in a awhile, so that you can check in with these and see if you have ensured your website delivers on these.  Therefore I believe, they should be easily found again for that purpose. Also they are so important that they deserve their own little sub heading regardless of anything else.

So let’s break this out into its own headings. They will still be part of what makes for The Perfect Website and can thus be found under this series, but they will also be found under the new series of 3 Things Your Website Must Do For You.

This then leads us to the next thing. That next thing is the fact that, I will not just bring you 3 things, but in fact 2 times 3 things, so in all 6 things. They are all important as you will see.

So here we go, commencing on our new (sub-) series 3 Things Your Website Must Do:

The first thing your website needs to do lies in the question of: What Is It?

In other words, you need to answer the question about what is the website about.

For a lot of businesses this question becomes very easy to answer and also the answer becomes very clear as soon as you visit the website in question. For instance, here’s a plumber that provides plumbing services in the greater Denver area etc.

But you would be surprised how many websites actually fail at answering this question. Or at least fail at answering the question well.

Imagine for instance you are a business coach, perhaps with a keen specialty of helping with turn around businesses for the small local businesses. Imagine also that you have a prevailing expertise with certain industry of businesses, let’s say e.g. such as small manual labor providers and repair type of businesses.

If, however, you fail to clearly make it known that those are the areas you cater to and for, then you may invariably be met with inquiries from businesses of all other sorts that you cannot in fact help and you will provide a mismatch.

Even more often you will find website that even after you read through the website, you still don’t really know, what problems are being solved or what products or services are being offered.

The more clearly you can convey what your website is all about, who you are and what you offer, the more successful your website will be.

Therefore the message in this post is for you to ask yourself the question: Does my website clearly show and answer the question of: What Is It?

 It’s a good exercise to take a step back and check if your website clearly demonstrates what it’s all about. Make the message as clear as possible and if it isn’t clear at all, then stop up and look at how you can rewrite your content. Really what we are talking about here is the very first page of your website on which a visitor lands. It also means that you should be able to answer the question for a visitor right at onset of the website (i.e. near the very top of the website of its very first page).


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 Note: This not was written at the time we came to the end of the 3 Questions we are stating your website must answer. We had placed these posts in the series called 3 Things That Your Website Must Do, but it should more correctly be 3 Questions Your Website Must Answer. In light of this revelation and for the sake of future quick navigation, we have now made it available under this new heading too (the old heading will remain in function too, but this new title for the series would be a more correct one). In other words, if you wish later on to revisit the 3 Questions, then just go to 3 Questions Your Website Must Answer





Web Design By Amazing Ideas Inc

Free Theme Or Paid Theme

When choosing your theme, you may quickly be faced with the question of whether to go for a Free theme or a premium theme that you would have to pay for.

Here are my 2 cents on that subject.

While there may be some great looking themes available for free I will suggest that you opt for a paid theme. Ordinarily speaking – at least most of those I have come by – the free themes comes with certain limitations or more often than not, come with a link to the web developer. This is usually a little link that will appear somewhere near or in the footer of your website and over which you have little or no control.

My feel is that you don’t want to have such an advertising in your footer, so choose paid themes that allow you to either change the footer or eliminate the link.

Most paid themes are actually also relatively inexpensive. So really there is not much excuse for going cheap here. If you just want a license for a single website of your own or for your business, you’ll often find a high quality theme come with a price tag of only $58 or so. Of course themes come at many different prices, but ordinarily speaking we are not talking about a great deal of money.

Some sites offer multiple theme licenses for you for a wide variety of themes. This can be a great choice if you are in need of several websites for different purposes or when you, like Amazing Ideas, Inc., may be offering web site designs for others. In my last post I offered some resources for where you can get themes. Some of these resources usually have some offer on all of their themes for a one time low price. It might be worth while considering for you.


The next post will look at the first of 3 things your website MUST do for you and for your business. These 3 things are super important and critical, so I believe you want to make sure that you follow along with the next 3 posts in this series.


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How do you choose the theme for your website?

Web Design: Choosing Your Theme For Your Website

Yesterday I mentioned that you just needed two more things for really getting started with your website and yesterday we looked at one of these being the question of where to host your website and I gave you a few possible suggestions of hosting services that I’m currently using myself and have been fairly pleased with. You can read yesterday’s post here: Where Do I Host My Website?

We are in the midst of the article series on the topic of How You Create The Perfect Website.

So following up on yesterday’s post, here is the last thing that you will need in order to really get going with your website: Choosing Your Theme.

Previously we discussed the platform to be used and I stated my personal preference and suggestion for opting for WordPress. One of the powers of WordPress is the abundance of themes (i.e. looks) available for you to choose from and the relative easy with which you can change the theme of your website and with (almost) one fell swoop change the entire look and feel of your website completely.

Here are a couple of resources that I have personally used in my work at Amazing Ideas, Inc. and that I would recommend that you have a look at for yourself:





Disclaimer: At the current time of writing this I have no affiliation with any of these and am in no way compensated for recommending them. These are some of the resources that I use myself and have been fairly pleased with.


A great way of sometimes finding the theme that you want is when you come across someone else’s website that you really like. If that website happens to be on a WordPress platform, then you can actually easily find out what the theme is called and where you can acquire it. To find out what WordPress theme someone is using, you can use this website: WhatWPThemeIsThat

Should the website that you like happen to be a non-WordPress platform site, then of course the above website service won’t help you much. Should that be the case, I would just suggest to go to one of the above mentioned resources and see if one of the themes offered look somewhat like the one you like.

Since there’s so many to choose from and since more and more great looking themes are entering the market on a continuous basis, you’ll be sure to find something you like.


One of the things I like so much about the whole concept of themes is that when eventually, you feel there’s a need to update the look of your website, then you can do so usually fairly easily and fairly quickly. And the change can be dramatic, completely giving your site a brand new look and feel.

I do say “usually” for I have had a few experiences that gave me a few headaches and where I had to do quite a bit of adjustments from one theme to another in order for it to look right. But in most cases you won’t be having too many difficulties when you change out a theme.

Again, in the “old” days, pretty much all websites were custom built and coded from scratch pretty much. That also meant that to change the look and feel of a site would require quite probably considerable new coding and new work, basically building a new site from scratch. With platforms such as WordPress you are so much better off and can make changes quickly and make the changes beautifully too.


Your choice of looks and feel may at times be more or less dictated by what it is you are selling and what your profession is. We talked about that a little in the post called:

You may wish to revisit the considerations I provided you with there to ponder.



Upcoming Post: There are a ton of themes available out there for you. Many are Free and even more are available at a price. The upcoming post will have a quick look at whether you should save some money and go with a free theme or whether you should spend a little money to get a premium/paid theme.

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How To Create The Perfect Website sm

Press Release: Castle Rock Marketing Agency Shares Insights On How To Build The Perfect Website

Local Castle Rock, CO based marketing agency, Amazing Ideas, Inc. offers valuable marketing insights via different series on key marketing areas


Castle Rock, CO – June 18, 2015 – On an ongoing basis, Castle Rock, CO based marketing agency, Amazing Ideas, Inc., is offering valuable insights on different marketing aspects for free via their website and a series of article posts that follow key topics.

Currently, Amazing Ideas, Inc. is in the midst of the latest article series on how to create The Perfect Website –

The Perfect Website article series and the other articles series that either have been posted or that will be posted in future, can be accessed on Amazing Ideas, Inc.’s website at

Previously posted article series include the topics on the importance of ensuring your business has a mobile-friendly website and on how to get great ranking with the search engines.


About Amazing Idea Inc.

Successful serial entrepreneur, Mikkel Pitzner, established Amazing Ideas Inc. in order to help businesses perform better with their marketing. The focus is on online marketing elements, optimized in such a way that customers come calling on you, rather than you having to chase customers.

Mikkel Pitzner has run numerous smaller and larger businesses spanning many varied and unrelated industries and even spanning countries, States and Continents. He quickly learned of the immense importance of good and sound marketing in order for a business to be successful and he especially since 2008 studied and worked with most of the top marketers of today and with a special focus on online marketing.

His marketing agency, Amazing Ideas Inc., seeks to incorporate these insights in a quest to help businesses grow their revenues and profit lines.

About Mikkel Pitzner

Originally from Denmark, Mikkel Pitzner used to run what turned into the fourth largest car rental company and a leasing company he lead to a doubling of size and a quadrupling of locations. He also owned and operated the largest limousine service company of Denmark for 14 years, increasing the profit line in his initial year alone an incredible 32 fold.

Mikkel is a partner of Freetrailer (which comprises of Freetrailer Denmark, Freetrailer Sweden, Freetrailer Norway and Freetrailer Germany) and of a very unique advertising and marketing bureau named Aksel & Ko in Denmark. He is also the founder of RetailWise USA that at roughly the same price you would typically pay for mystery shopping, offers ExitShopping® analyses that combine the very best from mystery shopping, customer satisfaction analyses, loyalty rates, competitor analyses, efficiency measurements and so on. In addition he is the founder of Pivot Point Enterprises, that offers a truly unique business platform for all your business processes. The platform is called Doc&Do and can be found at

Mikkel is a sought after professional board member and current sits on boards of companies spanning the US, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Poland, including privately held as well as publicly traded companies.

Mikkel Pitzner has been featured on CNBC, abc,, Entrepreneur, Fox News, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, SmartMoney, USA Today and NBC. Mikkel Pitzner was also a guest at the Brian Tracy TV Show. He is also a multiple best-selling author with books on marketing, success and entrepreneurship.

To learn more

To learn more about Amazing Ideas Inc., please visit

or call 1-888-988-2489






Mikkel Pitzner



Where To Host Your Website sm

Where Do I Host My Website?

In our series on The Perfect Website, we have now looked at Who It Is We Serve (our perfect avatar), What Problem We Solve, How To Dig Deeper Into Their Pain, The Need For Your Own Domain, How To Choose Your Domain Name and What Technical Platform We Should Use. We are thus making very good progress and at this point we just need one more element (actually two) to actually really get going.

This one element that we will look at briefly in this post is the simple question of where to host the website.

Before I provide a few suggestions, let me stress that what I might bring you here is based on my personal views and personal experiences. There may be better choices that I’m just not familiar with. Also there’s an option or two that I wouldn’t recommend only because I have had a so-so experience with them or quite possibly just because one or two other marketers that I trust have told me not to go that route.

When choosing your hosting service there are a number of concerns that you need to have satisfied.

In no particular order you want the hosting service to provide you with sound and decent up times. In other words you want to know that your website is up and running pretty much all the time. You would want them to provide you with a decent support just in case you’ll need their technical help once in a while.

You want to have a good back end. That means that you want to have decent tools arranged in an intuitive set up so that when you do perform functions behind the lines, such as setting up and email address, updating a theme (when sometimes this may be required via the hosting or an ftp account, that you will find it fairly easy for you to navigate around there. Believe, me, some of the hosting services have not made their back ends very approachable in my view.

Naturally there’s an element of getting used to finding your way around in a back end system, but I have found vast differences in levels of easy and intuitive from one hosting service to the next.

With your hosting service you will probably also want to have a glance at the costs and what you will be getting with that expenditure.

It can also be a good idea to check out what back up services are offered. To get a better service you may have to go for an upgrade offer, some call it a pro account and such, but the extra expense can often be well worth it, so that you can rest at ease that you valuable wok is not all of a sudden lost due to a mishap you may make at some point (yes, I have made a few mistakes once in a while that completely rendered my website off the grid).

In addition there can be several technical questions and options you may wish to dive into, but for most starts you just need the basics and you’ll be fine.

Here’s a couple of hosting services that I so far have been reasonably happy with and that I would currently recommend for you to check out:




(I am not absolutely positive, but I believe all of these 3 are in same ownership or such)


Disclaimer: At this point in writing I have no affiliation other than being a customer with these services, so at this point in writing I achieve no benefits or compensation from announcing them. That may change at a later point in time. However, also know that regardless of compensation or not, I will only recommend options that I have personal experience with (unless otherwise stated and in which case they would have to be recommended to me by someone I really trust and who knows them really well) and that I personally have been pleased with.

I have had some experience with Hostgator and GoDaddy and possibly one or two others, but these do not rank among my personal recommendations at this point in time.

If you find services that you really love, be sure to share these with me. But if you just want to cut to the chase and get going with your website, then I think you will be well off with one of the above recommendations.



Upcoming Post: I did say that there were actually two more things we needed to look at to really get going. I answered one above and in the next post we get to the other. That other is about the theme you will choose for your website.

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Which Platform Should I Use For My Website - The Perfect Website article series continued

Which Platform Do I Choose For My Perfect Website?

Alright, you have followed along this series on The Perfect Website and that means that by now you should have established who your ideal client is, or as we in the marketing world call it, who your ideal avatar is. Also you know specifically what problems you solve.

That means you know exactly who your audience is and how to talk to them and you know what you can solve for them and how to communicate that.

You also now have establish a great domain name, a great URL that possibly also will help you with your chances of getting a high ranking for one keyword that is important for your business.

Now comes then the time to make a decision on the subject of on which platform to house your website.

This post is not to become too technical, but by platform in this case I mean what technical platform to build your website on.

Do you go for a Drupal site, a Joomla, a WordPress or something else?

Here at Amazing Ideas, Inc. we exclusively use a WordPress platform. The reasons are many, but one of them is in fact that it is easy. It’s also a platform that thousands of people are writing code for, which means that more and more cool solutions are offered (in the form of e.g. plugins and themes). In addition what I really like, is that you can relatively easily and quickly change the look and feel of your website with a WordPress platform, just by changing out the theme you are using.

You may be able to find similar abilities and advantages on other technical platforms, but I’m pretty convinced that you are making no wrong decision by going the WordPress route.

Personally, I have had a little experience with a few other platforms. My first online website creation experience was via Apple’s own program. I cannot really remember what they called it, but I almost would think it was called iWeb (at least that seems somewhat logical following all of Apple’s i-something-programs).

I liked this program for it was so easy and that’s what I was looking for. I was not in the game to learn technical stuff at all. However, it came will many limitations among which was the lack of abilities for really optimizing for web searches.

As I have previous stated, you can have the best solution in the world for some problem, but if no one knows about it, it will do you no good (nor your target audience). If you cannot get found in search results, you are likely to get nowhere.

A further limitation is that I believe Apple subsequently killed the application off, which probably was a very sensible thing to do seeing these other platforms are so well functioning, relatively easy to grasp and use and seeing they probably each are more focused on providing such solutions, whereas Apple’s focus might have been too distracted on other products.

I have also for a brief time had some experience with the Joomla platform. Personally I found it to be cumbersome and “oldish” to work with. When the site that we worked on had to be upgraded because of security issues and concerns with the platform, we chose to build a brand new site on WordPress.

On occasion you will run into other platforms that promises easy build and drag and drop features. While I welcome ingenuity and intuitive platforms, I wish to make to sure that in the midst of things we are not losing abilities for awesome plugins en masse, as well as excellent tools for carrying out the necessary and important work of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along the way. Platforms such as Wix and Weebly come to mind. People sometimes come and ask me; “But what about this site… and this site?” and without being a true expert of these sites, let me just say that, I have my personal doubts.

Some years back, a friend of mine got me into bike riding as a way to get fit and stay fit. I thought “great, why not?” and started looking into what bike to get.

He mentioned the brand Lightspeed which was aluminum based, but then also mentioned a few brands that were carbon based. Of course the bikes looked awesome and held promises for me to become the coolest bike rider in no time. Hmm.

I looked a bit further and before long I found that there were at least 10 or 12 very high end brands all with their own very cool bikes (expensive too). I also found that speaking with any bike sales guy or any bicyclist would result in a new opinion on what to get.

Long story short. I wanted a bike and needed to cut through the clutter. So I asked myself: “Who is the best bike rider out there?”

Well, this was probably 2004 or so and Lance Armstrong was winning one Tour De France race after the other, so I thought, “OK, Lance Armstrong must be the best”.

No concerns at this point on drug enhancement or not. That’s not the issue here, nor if indeed Lance was the best rider of them all. Point is, he was killing it and that meant he probably also was using a great bike.

I proceeded then, by asking the next question: “what bike does Lance ride?” Well, easy to find out, it was a Trek bike and at the time I entered into it was the Trek 5900 or something to that effect.

My conclusion was simple: If the Trek 5900 was good enough for Lance, it was probably good enough for me.

So off I went and bought a Trek 5900.

The power of marketing and exposure, huh?

I’m by no means a mean bike rider. In fact I get on my bike way too little, but I still enjoy having a great bike when I do venture out on it and I actually still have and use my Trek 5900.

My point is, when deciding on choices among a myriad of what seems to make for good solutions, you will often find a ton of so-called experts that each have their own opinions and recommendations about what you should go with. What I do, is to look at who is doing the best out there. Who is crushing it? Who is creating phenomenal results and who is dependable – in this case – on their web platform to be working and function able at all times?

When I looked around almost all that I found, who really depended on the web platform and web presence, were using the platform WordPress. If it was good enough for them, it would probably be good enough for me too.

Those who were not using WordPress typically had some custom made platform.

But custom made, while it can be powerful – also renders you in need of specialized knowledge and expertise to keep running. Want an upgrade to it and now you are more than likely suck facing yet another expense on developers and coders. So custom is not the route to go in my opinion.


So without mocking any other platform, let me just say, that I personally see no point in investigating (at least at this point in time) any other platform than WordPress. Indeed, if I get involved with a client that demands another platform to be used, I will either outsource that work or tell the client that we are not a good fit.

Truly, I don’t believe there is some need a client might have in these regards that can not be satisfied via the WordPress platform, so instead of thinning down our expertise, we will rather want to stick to this platform and thereby only get better and better and even more savvy than we currently are.

My conclusion and recommendation is thus simple: Just go with the WordPress platform and you’ll be fine. Could this recommendation change later on? Possibly, but I don’t foresee this for any foreseeable future.


Upcoming Post: Where to get your hosting service and a couple of things to look for.

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The importance of choosing the words that make up your URL

Choosing Your Domain

Choosing Your Domain

Continuing our series on creating The Perfect Website, we are moving forward and are coming to three further considerations you will need to make decisions on: Choosing your domain (name), which platform to make use of and where to host your website. In this post we will look at the importance of choosing your domain.

The domain name. It’s the URL – the ‘what comes after the www.’

This instantly leads to the question of having your own domain or using the domains of publicly accessible hosters like or something similar.

In my view there’s no doubt about that you want to have your OWN domain. No doubt and it doesn’t matter really what your website will be about.

By having your own domain you are ultimately in complete (or close to it) control of what you can do with it.

Also by having your own domain you can possibly get a unique or well descriptive name of your choice. I say possibly for it seems often difficult to get the domain names you want, because someone as smart of you already thought of the same domain name and now has it (let alone all the domains that seem to be purchased just for the sake of selling them back at a hefty premium).

If you were to host on, you might be able to get a name like (using us an example) but this is not as good as is it?

Not only does a URL become even longer than might otherwise be the case, but you also typically run into limitations as to what you can do on your domain. There might be a cool solution with what’s called a plugin that you may not be allowed to use on a domain like or similar.

I also feel like it’s somewhat unprofessional to host anywhere else but on your own domain. In addition to getting your own domain, you also get the ability to establish email accounts with your own domain too.

Just like we have – it just looks better than a or something along those lines. It makes you look more established and more like a real place of business. In other words it may even help you look more legitimate and trustworthy.

My views are not to mock these sites where you can get free hosting like and similar, for in fact I think it’s awesome that they even make it available and they are in fact very good sites and platforms. So if you absolutely didn’t have any money to make good for, then a website on such a platform would probably help you along fine and better than no website at all.

But in truth, having your own domain is a very small investment (a URl is typically less than $12 a year at time of writing this and sometimes you may even find better offers than that). A hosting can be anywhere from about $4 to $20 a month for decent and reliable service providers and then of course the price can go up depending on what more demands you might place with them or as you grow your needs.

OK, so so far, get your own domain!

Like I said, getting your own domain can be a challenge in terms of getting the URL you would really want. But play around with it and you may find something that is very useful and that makes sense for your website and your business.

I would have liked a more generic rather than a, but was taken (actually at this point in time it looks like one of those domains that are just parked waiting to be sold at a premium, and quite frankly, it doesn’t mean enough for me to buy it at a premium – some are within a decent budget, while others are extremely expensive).

But if say your business has a very unique name, perhaps even one, that doesn’t mean anything, but just has a cool sound, you may be in luck that it’s available for you.

You may, however wish to look for something that’s descriptive of what it is you are selling. Taking this a step further and you could add your location too.

I’m currently based and located in Castle Rock, CO, so if I was a plumber, I might want to see if or would be available or something to that effect.

If you can get a domain name that is descriptive for what it is that you are selling, it could even help you get a decent search engine ranking too, just because your domain name would fit with the search terms used. Search engines such as Google give high ranking for a domain with plumbing in its name when someone is searching for something that includes the word “plumbing”.

In addition, by including your local geographics into the domain name and you may achieve an increasingly good ranking for local searches for your area of profession. Going back to the example of and you are even likely to get a page 1 on Google’s search results, when someone types in the words ‘Castle Rock Plumbing’.

You might even get the number one spot on page one for such a search with such a domain name. Presumably this is due to the fact that Google gives high ranking for domain names that include the words people are searching for, and my take on that is, that Google expects that someone who has the domain must be an authoritative figure for plumbing in Castle Rock. Makes sense too, doesn’t it?

If you followed our series that we called Marketing Castle Rock, in which we looked at how we could obtain a very high ranking with Google’s search search results for the words of ‘Marketing Castle Rock’. Before we began that series we had done absolutely no work in order for us to be ranked for these words and that also showed in the search results. In fact, you would have to dive into the search results and go all the way back to page 21 to find any mentioning of us.

Well, we did some work and it really helped. In one day, we managed to actually get page 1 listing. This particular listing was our Google Places spot and this is indeed a listing that can be extremely powerful. If you do not already have a spot here, you definitely will want to explore getting that. If you need help getting that, it would be our pleasure and honor to help you accomplish it. You may, however, wish to revisit the Marketing Castle Rock series to learn why you cannot obtain your Google Places results in one day unless you already have registered your business with Google though.

However, I was aiming to get a spot that would be our website, so either our website in general or a link towards an article that is on our website and well, that proved more tricky.

While we have not exhausted our options and possibilities yet, it took a few days to get us to page 2 of the results and we still invariably hold a position there. Invariably, for these things change all the time depending on your own activities and those of the ones who end up competing for the spots (knowingly or not).

In the series you would know also, that I mentioned the absolute first spot was occupied by a company that actually seems to auction cattle. Not very relevant really in comparison to our Marketing Agency and our efforts to be ranked for possibilities of such under Castle Rock, but seeing that this cattle auction business actually call themselves Castle Rock Marketing then we end up competing with them. More importantly and especially in terms of this post here, their website is

Google search results are the outcomes of an algorithm and while we can only guess at what goes into the decision makings of this algorithm, it seems apparent and seems to be agreed upon in general, that Google (and other search engines) like updated and relevant content and thus that websites that provide this will be favored.

Well, the cattle auctioning website seems to be producing very little of this and also seems to have little if any activity. Yet it ranks on the number one spot. Why?

Because, the keywords I’m aiming at actually make up its URL. In other words the relative importance of your keywords being part of your URL is emphasized and illustrated well by this example.


In other words, you may wish to see if you can find a domain that could fit into such criteria for your business. Having a cool website is awesome, but if no one finds it, it does little good for you or your business.

I hope that this post has given you food for thought on how you should choose your domain and the importance of said domain name for your chances of getting a good ranking that will help your business get found online.

Please let us hear about your success in your efforts and let us know how it goes for you. as I said, it can seem very difficult to obtain the domain you most want, but often with a little ingenuity and playing around with words, you can get something that will serve your business really well. Good luck in your hunt for your perfect domain.

In the next post we will look at which technical platform to use for your website. Don’t worry, I won’t go into too many technicalities in that post, but merely end at a conclusion of what I would suggest for you and state why those would be my suggestions. I hope to see you again when that post comes up later today or tomorrow (I suspect) and I encourage you to sign up for following along this series on The Perfect Website, by signing up using the box below.








Creating The Perfect Website with Amazing Ideas Inc

The Perfect Website – Session 1 – The Place To Start

 Session 1 – The Place To Start


Tastes varies from person to person. I might like the color Blue while you might favor the color Red. I’m very visually driven and inspired, whereas you might be leaning more something that has a flavor of technical sentiments.

Some people will love one thing while others will detest it. It’s part of our human nature that we are alike and yet also different and thank God for that. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all were exactly the same?

Because taste varies, I will not make this particular post extensive on how your website should look in order to be pretty and beautiful, for it might be in my mind and you might hate it. Instead what we will focus on are some more general aspects of creating a website that works.

We will expand upon this topic area in the course of this article series and honestly we may jump about a bit as things come to mind and as it may make sense to return to previous comments.

But here’s where we will start and this might actually surprise you a bit. We will start with a mental image of WHO it is we are serving.


It makes very good sense to take a step back and think a little about what we are all about. Or in this case, what are you about? What’s your business about?

Since we are diving into the topic area of the perfect website for your business, we need to pose the question: What is your business?

Better yet, you may really wish to start of with the questions of Who. Who are you serving? What problems do you solve? And not least, Who is your ideal client?

Who is your ideal client? In the marketing world we often call the ideal client for the Avatar. Or the perfect avatar. No, not the avatar of James Cameroun’s famous movie. But who is your avatar?

If you think about it you can probably picture in your mind your ideal client pretty well. If you are lost a bit, then just think of a moment when you engaged with a client who bought from you. Remember a moment when you really felt that you helped that person (e.g. find a perfect dress for her needs, help him make his car purchase come through, finance and all, help find that perfect house for the young family, help someone with their water damage in their home, etc.).

Remember how happy they were, even when they had to pay you and remember how good that made you feel. Not just that you were paid, but that you made a difference in someone’s life or just in someone’s day.

As you do this exercise you may actually get a pretty good sentiment about the type of person that makes for your ideal client.

You want the ideal client to be someone who actually pays you, so that you can not only sustain your business, but preferably sustain it well. You want this person to be happy when dealing with you, love your products or services and even be happy when they hand over their money to you.

When you have such a person in your business, you are more likely too to feel great not only about what you delivered and how you served, but you also had less trouble and hassle with it. It probably gave you a sense of fulfillment.

If you are lucky the relation is even so fruitful that not only will the ideal client come back for more from you, but the will also rave about you and your business to everybody else, spreading the good word on where to buy from. In this case, to buy from you.

Ok, so picturing this person, you may wish to actually put a name to he or she. Further, place and age for the person and then too drill down into all sorts of other characteristics, adjectives and facts about the person.

Let’s say you are a personal fitness trainer. Perhaps you have found that your happiest clients that seem to give you the most joy helping and that seems to give you the best business is a mom in her early 40s.

Let’s call her Jane. She is 43 years old. She has two children James of 12 and Helen of 10 and husband John who is 46.

They live in the local town where you work too. In fact they live in the little community in a 400,000 dollar home. They have lived there the past 12 years and seem very happy and engaged in the local area.

She works part time in the local hairdresser salon, while he works in a car dealership by the bigger neighboring town.

She drives red Toyota Sienna and he drives a newer black Toyota Avalon. That’s right they both drive cars that they bough from the husband’s place of work. They got a good deal on the previous demo Avalon model and a nice used Sienna.

Together they have a steady income and live their lives fairly moderately.

The children goes to the nearby school and mom is often the designated driver and does most of the household chores.

Children and busy housewife life along with part time job and over the years, Jane has gained a little too much weight. She’s unhappy about this and wishes to shed at least 40 pounds and get back into a better shape and wishes to feel better about herself and so she can fit her old favorite dress that is still hanging in her closet.


Let’s stop here.

The point is that you wish to be as specific as possible. The more specific the easier everything else comes along.

If you put your mind to it, you can probably be very specific about the character of your ideal client and if you get in doubt, perhaps you will just need to think about the client you have already helped who had a great experience with you and that left you with good money exchanged and a great felling of having helped someone. When you think of that person, model your ideal after he or she. Perhaps you’ll even actually use that person entirely in your exercise for this purpose.

You may wish never to let anyone – let alone this specific person – know about it. You just never know when someone might take it as a compliment or when they get really upset about it.

But drill into as many specific adjectives and characteristics of this person; gender, age, physical look, how they dress, what car do they drive, where do they live, how many children if any, family traits, nationality, convictions (of any sorts), interests and hobbies etc.,etc.

A good friend of mine, who also happens to be an excellent marketer, calls this exercise the Homer Simpson exercise. His favorite cartoon is that of the Simpsons and he knows it so well, that he can quickly pick out any character from that cartoon and describe it down in minute detail everything about this person and everything related to this person.

The Simpsons

Imagine you were to sell a cruise travel to Homer Simpson. If you know a bit about him, do you think you might be able to find the mental images that you would have to sell him on in order to get him to buy it? Perhaps it even would involve letting him know what this would do for his wife?

Do you see how powerful this exercise can be?


Alright. So far so good. You have all the intricate details of your character down. So here’s the reason you may wish to go through this exercise. When you know you you will be addressing and who it is that you will speak to, it becomes easier to find the words that will resonate too. Yes, this includes the actual vocabulary and choices of words. You may talk differently to the guy who paves the roads doing hard asphalt work in smelly fumes hot summers as well as cold winters, than you would to the more manicured banker who oversees the mortgage loans of your local bank.

But it’s much more than the vocabulary and the choice of words. It ‘s also about what their interest are and how your services or products match or relates to it.

This brings us to the next big question: What problem do you solve for your ideal client?

Regardless of what you are selling, the end outcome is that the buyer wishes to accomplish something.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: People Do Not Buy The Drill, They Buy The Hole In The Wall!

That’s right. The drill is just the instrument that they will buy in order to get what they want, which is the hole, so they can hang that picture or whatever they need the hole for.

Similarly, they don’t buy the tree, they buy the shade the tree will give them.

You get the point.

So let’s go back to the beginning of this article. By answering these two very important points of Who Is My Ideal Client and What Problem Do I Solve, a lot of the choices that you will make when considering your website will come more naturally to you and will quite possibly also strike a better note with your ideal client recipient audience.


Fine, from above you have your vocabulary chosen and now you consider your choice of color scheme for your website.

For instance. You may like to have your site have a black background. Well, this can look pretty cool indeed (in the eyes of some). One of my earlier websites for my personal ego (I lovingly call it my personal ego-website) had an all black background while the text then would be white.

It looked pretty good, but there are two problems with this.

One, I might find it looking pretty good, but you might actually hate it. Usually it might in fact appeal better to the male audience whereas the female audience will not resonate with it.

Two, a white text on black background can be very tiring on the eyes, so I wouldn’t recommend too much use of this for most website purposes. Yes, you can make use of it for smaller sections, or for e.g. boxes to stand out and such, but just don’t overdo it without giving consideration for these two points I have just made about the color choice.


It’ funny to see when a website is appealing to the female gender and perhaps even more so when its by a female vendor and not least when they are relating to emotions and aiming to evoke feeling. You can probably picture this even without me pointing too far ahead with it.

Let’s say for instance it’s the website of an inspirational female instructor who wishes to empower females to step into their true self to release their real personal strength and who they really are and let go of every self doubt that has been holding them back till now, and go forth building their own business of helping others with say relationships.

This paragraph alone and you will probably have a ton of visual images and possibly word choices that come to you. I don’t even have to picture the image much more and you can probably take it very, very far in your mind how a website should look for this or how it might look.

Example of female characteristics of a website

Imagine instead, you are addressing gay men. How might this affect the imagery? Or let’s say you are a tomboyish lesbian female addressing other lesbians, how then would you imagine the website look?

Contrast that over to the look of the professional Toyota car dealership’s website referencing our good friend John, husband of Jane, from above. Or contrast in with websites befitting the local bank, the CPA or the lawyer.


Example of Car Website


Completely different images, sentiments and emotions, right?



So in closing, the two main questions and the exercises I gave you here make a lot of sense and can help direct you to the right choices for your website.

In upcoming articles, we will look at the choice of platform and my suggestion for what to go for. I will lay out my reason for doing so along with multiple examples of why I think you should go with my suggestions.

Make sure you follow along with this series and by all means let me have your questions and comment along the way too. I would love to learn what you feel is working well in your business now and perhaps what isn’t working so well.

To follow along this series, just bookmark The Perfect Website, or better yet, sign up using the box below to get notification of future posts in the series.

Thanks for coming along this far.






The Perfect Website The Perfect Website Design - new article series from Amazing Ideas inc, Marketing Agency in Castle Rock Colorado

The Perfect Website

What would the perfect website be like?

For businesses I supposed the perfect website would be one that presents your business well and automates a lot of things for you, not least sales, deliveries and follow ups. In a perfect world it would work so well that sales just come in all by themselves on autopilot, are fulfilled and that subsequent follow through and customer care is carried out also automatically. Even more perfect, once set up, no more work would have to be done.

Sounds nice doesn’t it?

I would like one of those for each and every one of my businesses.

The truth is you can actually have a lot of these things in place for your website. The truth is also that, no, it will never be a set it and forget it.

Things move ahead and things change. You need to tweak and amend as it may become necessary. You may also need to feed your website with new and updated content, so that you keep bringing value into the market place, content relevant to what you are offering, value that your prospects can appreciate and that may help you and topics that may help your website get found in relevant searches and more.

But like I said. You can actually have a lot of the factors set in place and your website will perform wonderfully.

Is it easy?

Well, some of the parts are easy enough to set up. Some are a bit tricky or cumbersome and take some more time and work.

Getting it to work in unison and getting it to attract the right clients is a big challenge.

Often it comes down to what you are selling, how easily it is to specify what unique advantages you have and making a fantastically converting offer to a very highly targeted audience.

The more precise you have these points down, the more likely it is that you can make it happen and generate results from it.

We at Amazing Ideas, Inc., will be commencing a new series of posts and articles here on the topic of websites and website designs.

We hope that you will follow along and chime in with what you like and what you don’t like. We would also love to hear from you what is working for you right now and in fact what is not working for you.

Just enter your comments to each post as we move ahead or send us an email with your insights.

Should you be in need of assistance of getting a new website up, or of revamping an old website, or upgrading your current website to a mobile responsive and mobile friendly website, then we would love to help you out. Just call us or send us an email and we can get started on that.

Please follow along our series on Website Design.


This current series is relevant for all who is running a business and it will give you insights and points to ponder when deciding upon your website layout, look, feel and functionality. Current at Amazing Ideas, Inc. we are seeking to expand on the portfolio of websites that we create for customers and we specifically wish to expand on website for our local area of Castle Rock, Colorado. We welcome website design queries from all over though, so don’t let it hold you back, if we can help you.

As we talk with more and more clients about their websites, many of the same questions will arise and with this new series, we hope that we can provide even more answers and insights for you, our prospective clients and clients to go and review.