Dear Business Owner Wake Up, if your website is not mobile friendly then you are missing out of up to 80% of your new potential clients

Dear Business Owner Wake Up

Dear Business Owner, Wake UP!!


Dear Business Owner, I understand you. You are constantly bombarded by sales calls and uninvited spammy emails all trying to sell you this, that and the other. Really annoying indeed.

We all hate it, and despise it. Yet they keep coming at us.

I guess someone out there once in a while fall into the trap and the spammers make a sale. Why else would they keep annoying us all.

Ultimately, they are just playing a numbers game: Send enough emails out and in the end they’ll sell enough to have made it all worthwhile.

The problem with all of this is that when something we should perhaps tune into come our way, we tend to tune out and discard it all along with all the spam.

Currently, there are a huge amount of business owners who seem to completely miss the beat on new changes that has already take place with the search engines – most notably Google.

We probably all know that Google is the main search engine for anything online searches.

Well, as I have pointed out previously in previous articles and posts, Google introduced yet another algorithm update on April 21st 2015. This update effectively removed all non-mobile-friendly websites from searches that are done on any mobile devices.

What essentially this means is that if a website is non deemed mobile-friendly, then it just won’t show in the Google searches that are done on a mobile device.

Now, you may be wondering how big a deal this is. And the answer is: IT”S A GIGIANTIC DEAL!!!

More than 60% of all searches these days are done on a mobile device and for local relevant searches this even increases to about 80% of all searches.

In other words, if your website is not mobile friendly, you just might have lost about 80% of all new traffic – read: all new potential hungry to buy your products or services clients.

Now is that a big enough deal for you .

I think we can all agree that is indeed a pretty big deal.

But even today, more than a month after Google made this algorithm update, far too many websites are still not amended to being mobile-friendly.

In other words, far too many businesses are oblivious to what this could and quite possibly already means to their businesses.

In a previous article, I called this a case of a Peter And The Wolf syndrome.

When we are all bombarded every single day with spam – especially in our email inbox, but also in our physical mail, through phone calls and what not, we eventually tend to shut out all that comes our way, even the stuff that we should probably pay attention to.

In addition as previous algorithm updates that we may have paid attention to, really just had negative effects on the “black hat” and dubious marketers, then we as business owners are just not paying much attention to yet another Google update.

How do I know?

Cause I’ just like most other business owners.

I own and operate several small businesses and am in addition involved with several others in the form of being a consultant, board of directors, marketing advisor or other, so I have in excess of 20 email addresses that I need to monitor and thus I too receive more than a fair share of email spam, physical spam and telephone spam calls.

I too used to glance at the news of what a new Google algorithm update would mean for my business and invariably found that Google just tried to eliminate the very dubious efforts of some marketers to “con” Google into high ranking on Google’s Page 1 in searches for their websites, and since I never even wanted to contemplate any trickery or dubious marketing efforts for my businesses, well, then any of these Google algorithm updates, really didn’t have any negative effects on me or my business. In other words, I needn’t worry about it or waste any energy or resources on it. In fact, I was only too pleased that Google would hammer down on something dubious going on, for it would increase my real and true objectives of placing my relevant offerings in front of the right people, as the dubious characters were removed from Google’s search results.

But my point is, that after too many Google updates or rather too much news about yet another Google update that didn’t really affect me or my business negatively or require me to effect some actions, it has lead me to become numb and deaf to more new algorithm updates or news there of.

So that’s what I think is happening now too.

Articles have even demonstrated that even more than possibly 40% of Fortune 500 companies still till date have non-mobile-friendly websites.

Can you imagine the amount of relevant traffic and new customer potentials they might be missing out on now?

It has got to be substantial.

Yet, even if the fix to their situation might be relatively easy, they still haven’t fixed it. And we are already more than one month in following Google algorithm update that took place April 21st 2015.

In other words, it tells us these businesses are just oblivious to what the new algorithm update means for their business.

For small businesses, this is probably even worse. First off, small businesses even though they are often more nibble and can more effectively, they are often also suffering from smaller amounts of resources and thus often learn of certain needs later or may have to postpone implementing changes for longer due to lack of financial resources.

The result is that the problem for smaller businesses probably is way more problematic ad big than even the big companies. What makes it even worse is, that these smaller businesses often cannot withstand another negative blow to their businesses or certainly will feel the grunt of any business set backs to a higher extent.

But such is life. When we have gotten our earful or irrelevant sales calls or doomsday news, we tune out and eventually we may just completely overhear the many taps on our shoulders that here might be something we need to pay attention to.

So, as I said, I get you. I fully sympathize with you and understand why you have tuned out and why you may be pre-occupied with other aspects of your business. I’m there too and honestly, had I not been involved in helping people get their high ranking results on Google and obtaining vastly more sales via my efforts with their marketing and their positioning, then I probably too would completely have ignored any and all news of a Google algorithm update.

But this one, you might just want to actually pay attention to.

That’s why I say to you: Dear Business Owner – Wake Up!!


Call on your web developer today to get you and your business and website squared away or call on us to help you out. In many cases the fix is quick and easy, in others the work is a bit more extensive. Regardless, this is an important piece to get right and any day you are not getting it right and you just might have lost about 80% of all new potential clients coming in.

The sooner you get squared away the more you will benefit and regain your business, possibly even advancing in front of your worst competitors along the way.

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