New Book On The Streets

Masterminds’s Insights To Business Success Hits The Streets

I have been fortunate to be part of yet another book collaboration which came about as a byproduct of a Mastermind group of very highly skilled internet marketeers and business people that Mike Filsame put together. Mike Filsame is rather notorious in a good sense in the online world having a long history of great results for his businesses and his clients behind him, so when the chance to join his Mastermind group came along, I quickly decided to jump on board and join it.

Along the way it was suggested that we teamed up to collaborate on a book in which we would share some of our great insights collected over the years. Insights that other might benefit and learn from and insights that could help others achieve the success that might have been eluding them up till now.

Putting the book together actually didn’t take that long, probably because everyone who contributed to it is rich in experience and insights. The book was just released this Spring and the result is a book filled with more than 300 pages worth of great insights from people who are making real results in the real world and due to the nature of this particular Mastermind group behind this book, mostly in the online world.

You can read the back cover below:

Back Cover of Mastermindss Insights To Business Success