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Quick Follow Up On Marketing Castle Rock

What a difference a night can make. Had a good night’s sleep after having posted the post of yesterday titled: Marketing Castle Rock – Time To Take My Own Medicine.

If you didn’t read it, you can click the link to do so, but in a quick recap, I kind of realized that while I preach what others should do with their online marketing, is to set in motion processes that will make them and their businesses rank well in the search engines for relevant search terms, so that they will have customers come chase them instead of them having to chase customers, then I admittedly found, I wasn’t actually doing so for myself for the Castle Rock Marketing company of Amazing Ideas, Inc.

In other words, I wasn’t being a good example for myself or for the products and services that I sell via my marketing company.

So on to work.

I decided that I would ensure that my ranking with Google for the keywords: “Marketing Castle Rock” would be significant. In other words, I have now started to do the necessary work that I show my clients to do in their businesses (or rather that I will do for them) and I made the first part of the work yesterday evening.

If you review the Marketing Castle Rock – Time To Take My Own Medicine post of yesterday, you will learn that my very first work actually got me from Google’s page 21 to Google’s page 1 in a matter of about 3 hours. You will also, learn that the page 1 listing in fact was my Google Local Places position that popped up on page 1.

Now in truth, you cannot make this happen in 3 hours unless you already have registered your business with Google Local Places, for to do so, Google requires you to verify your local address via a couple of further steps such as via a postcard being sent to you. In other words that takes a few days to get activated and finalized. But in my case I had already done this registering part quite some time ago, but then I hadn’t done anything with it and that meant that I did not pop up anywhere in Google’s page 1 when you searched for Marketing Castle Rock.

Well, as mentioned I did a few things yesterday and that made all the difference. As mentioned, in about 3 hours and from the couple of steps I took, I achieved a Google Local Places position on Google’s page 1 for the keywords “Marketing Castle Rock”.

Here’s the after image when I got my Google Local Place’s listing for my Castle Rock located Marketing company: Amazing Ideas, Inc. (You will have to click the image in order for you to be able to read it):


Getting Ranked For Marketing Castle Rock

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.46.33 PM- Getting Ranked For Marketing Castle Rock

Again, if you read yesterday’s post Marketing Castle Rock – Time To Take My Own Medicine you will understand why popping up for a local search of relevant terms is critically important for your business and why a local search may have particular interest for you.

You will also see, why my 3 chosen keywords of Marketing Castle Rock, actually has set me up for quite a challenge, since the words are possibly a bit too generic and unspecific. If you make the search for yourself, you will see that the results that come up are for services, product and what not that are all over the place, many of which has little to do with marketing services like the ones I provide. Basically, it proves the point that when you go looking for keywords or for things you wish to rank for, specificity makes a lot of sense. What you really want to be looking for is that you (or rather your website) will pop up when people are searching for the types of products or services you offer specifically. Not only will this have a better chance of leading to sales, but from a user perspective, you will also become much more relevant.

Going back to a search of Marketing Castle Rock, if I was searching for someone to help me marketing my business well and I happened to be in Castle Rock and thus wanted a local company to help me out, well, then the keywords of Marketing Castle Rock might make perfect sense. However, as you can see from the results that are listed, they are all over the place and gives some but still little relevancy to my query. The reason for this is as I have indicated that my search terms are not specific enough.

To stress the point, make your keywords a bit more specific and you will also likely have a better result of how far up you will rank with the search engines. It will also make the search results more relevant and have a much improved chance of actually leading to business for your business. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post Marketing Castle Rock – Time To Take My Own Medicine you can make your keywords more specific by adding a few more descriptive words so that your search term becomes a bit more long tail. Just as an example, you could search Marketing Company Castle Rock.  Or perhaps Online Marketing Company Castle Rock. It narrows things down a bit and makes it a little more specific, but then it’s still very vague.

I just performed such a search and although my company would in fact be a very relevant result to come up, it didn’t do anything for me, meaning I didn’t pop up for the search in the results. The reason is that Google’s search is for the individual words (and again these are a bit too broad – meaning the word marketing probably pops up in way too many writings all over the place from websites and publications). Now if you wish to make your search even more specific, you can just add quotation marks. When I add quotation marks to “Marketing Castle Rock” I now appeared on page 3 of Google (at time of writing this) and when I searched “Marketing Company Castle Rock” I was on page 1. Click the images to review:


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.50.18 AM - Searching For Marketing Castle Rock

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.50.18 AM – Searching For Marketing Castle Rock

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.50.43 AM - Searching For Marketing Company Castle Rock

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.50.43 AM – Searching For Marketing Company Castle Rock

The trouble is, I rarely put quotation marks on my searches. Do You?

I suspect you rarely put quotation marks in your searches either. We are too quick online off to the next thing and don’t wish to waste time on technicalities (or we are too lazy..).


Well, back to the beginning of this post. The night was good to me. My rank results improved over the night while I was sleeping so that this morning when searching just Marketing Castle Rock, we are now on page 15 instead of page 21 of the Google search results. Still, nobody will go to page 15, so it’s of little use. But when it comes to search results and optimizing for these it’s not just a matter of throwing up a website and one little post and then miraculously you have arrived. No, it will take a bit more to get there. But is it worth it? You bet!

We will keep at it, and post you the results as we go along. Just remember and review the key lessons from yesterday’s post along with the key points from today’s post (below).


Anyways, I think it illustrates a few points:

1. When choosing your keywords, specificity matters

2. Long tail helps you

3. Both 1 and 2 makes you more relevant for those who are searching and there’s a better fit between you and the one who is searching

4. By all means do the work. It all improves your ranking.


Want to get to Page 1 Today?

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