WebSite Design Choose Amazing Ideas IncIs there such a thing as a perfect web site or a perfect web design?

Great question.

There certainly are a certain set of choices for your website that makes a huge difference for its performance and when I say performance I’m specifically referring to how many leads it will generate for your business and how much sales it will generate directly or at least indirectly.

The great news is that just because there are certain elements and choices that make for better performance that you cannot have your website look unique. No, you can still have the site look like your brand and look special.

That being said, there are things I would recommend you stay away from. For instance, people have become accustomed to great extent to how websites typically are laid out. Specifically, where to find the navigation and menus of a website is probably ingrained in most of us by now, to be configured as a Top Menu bar, perhaps a left hand side menu list or a right hand side menu list, and possibly a further menu list toward the bottom of a website page – or something that incorporates one or more of the choices in a combination.

I have seen several fancy sites that have played around with a completely new navigation outlay, but in truth this rarely works well. We are creatures of habits and thus if the layout is dramatically different from what we expect, now we have to spend some time finding out how it is laid out. This is not recommended. I have stated elsewhere that online, we are all suffering a bit from ADHD. We lack attention and we have very little patience. If we don’t like what we see, or if what we find ends up being too difficult to quickly grasp so we can get what we were looking for and then be on our ways again, then most likely we just bounce off again and go look elsewhere.

For this reason, we at Amazing Ideas Inc. really recommend sticking with navigation menu positions that follow the norm. Sounds boring? Not really and it works! you can still make it unique and you can still make it pretty. But ask yourself this: What’s most important? That your site fulfills some neat, pretty design idea you have or that it brings you more business?

In addition to the choice of menu position, there are a number of other choices and layout decisions that need to be made. We have studied a lot on the topic of how the layout should be done for a website to be generating the most results, and yes, the position of a button on a website page makes a huge difference. The color choice of the same button makes a huge difference and the wordings on said button in addition make a huge difference.

Depending on what the website is to portray there may be slight difference in how you would lay out the site, but in general if you with to ultimately generate more business for your business, then empirical data all seems to point to very specific choices.

Contact us and let’s have a look at what you are selling and how we may help you convert more of your visitors to sales and indeed how we may add more visitors to your site, now that we know it converts these into sales. Also follow our blog posts as they will give you more insights to best marketing practices as time permits us to publish them.


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