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In a video that I have previously published I spoke about 3 things your website must do for you. If your website doesn’t do these, then you are missing the boat and are leaving money on the table.

  • The first thing your website must do is to add value. You can read more on this topic soon.
  • The second thing your website must do is to capture leads.
  • The third thing your website must do for you is to sell (see the video)

Capture Leads:

Even when we like a website and find good value on it and it actually has information we care about, we will more than likely never be back on the site again once we are off it. Yes, we may have an idea that “Oh, I need to come back here to this site”, but next moment and life shows up and soon enough and sure enough you are off the site and have forgotten all about it. Instead your attention is on whatever other site or sites you now are looking at or whatever. Thus if you do not capture this visitor – the lead – then you more than likely never will see them again and you thus have lost the potential sale that could have come off it.

So what you want to ensure is that your website has a great lead capture. A lead capture – which I’m sure you have seen many, many places already – is often called an opt in form. You will offer the visitor something of great value that is relevant to the visitor and to what it is that you are selling ultimately. In order to get it, the visitor will have to enter his or her email address and this email address is now added to a list in your database. The systems are set up, so that everything happens automatically as soon as the visitor “opts in” with his or her email address. The receive the gift you promised and you get their information.

The gift is what we in the industry call an “ethical bribe”. You basically “bribe” the visitors to relinquish their email addresses and now that you have this, you can now communicate with the visitors via emails offering them more information, advice, content and value, until it is time that you might present them with an offer, which hopefully would lead to a sale of your products or services.

Once everything s set up, and the visitor “opts in” then all of this happens pretty much on auto pilot, which means that your website can actually make sales for you even when you are not working. You, yourself, has probably opted in for something at some point in time, so more than likely you have seen this in function.

Here below is an example of an opt in form and a lead capture. Go ahead and opt in. The report should be of interest to you and you will also see how it works.

Websites That SellThere are secrets to websites that sell.

I have studied heavily why it is that some websites perform really well while others hardly make a dent. From the studies and our tried and tested experience building successful websites, I have identified a number of secrets that make websites perform better than most.

I have compiled 7 of these secrets in a small report called “7 Secrets To Websites That Sell” that you can get completely free of charge right here:

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