A well thought out sales funnel can truly bring a lot of success to your business and in some case can even bring you revenue almost on auto-pilot.

When correctly set up and when engaging the right audience, a sales funnel can lead the visitor from interest through the systems and to an actual purchase. From here you might even see further sales, such as in what’s called an up-sell – where you sell a product or service which is at a higher level of value (and at a higher price than the initially bought product or service), a cross-sell – where you sell a complimentary product or service or a down-sell where upon the declination of your initial offer, now offer another product or service at a lower price.

Amazing Ideas Inc-marketing-sales-funnel-diagramThe idea is that you attract traffic to your business – as exemplified by your website. Ideally the traffic already exists of qualified leads, meaning people who would potentially have a sincere interest in what it is y=you have to offer (and in addition can actually afford it too). If the leads are less than qualified the further steps inside your funnel can actually qualify them further, so you will have a better match.

Via several steps within the funnel the leads are turned into more and more interested potential clients until ultimately they end up buying one or more products or services from you.

The beauty is that this is all taking place automatically once it has all been set up.

For it to work well, however, you really should have great value proposition for the leads. In other words, it helps when you sell quality products or services and that the value the customer gets is high. In addition, care has to go into the planning of the funnel so that it is well thought out and subsequently testing and tweaking should be done in order to optimize it further.

It’s a bit of a science to get a really well functioning funnel in place, but at Amazing Ideas Inc. we have some of the most well versed, knowledgeable and experienced people in this field.

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