Books by Mikkel Pitzner, Founder & CEO of Amazing Ideas, Inc.:

I have an extensive experience build up over the years from either having been an employee (that’s quite some years ago now), to running several different companies, to consulting, from being board of directors member or a partner. My experience spans many varied businesses and very varied industries and even span multitudes of countries, languages and cultures. Most of the companies have been privately held, some owned by Trust Funds and yet another has been a Publicly traded company. With many of the companies I still hold ownership, part ownership, am consulting or in some other way am actively involved.

At the same time, I’m a student always. I love learning new things or even old things for that matter. I love growing and evolving. It gets me inspired and it elevates me and not least my thinking. I attend many seminars and I read many, many books. I also network to great extend and have a lot of contacts across a lot of platforms.

At lot of my knowledge and lessons learned have been from failures. I’m a true serial and multiple entrepreneur, which also means that I have had many, many failures and suffered big defeats several times. Over and over again. Not much fun, honestly. But I have learned something valuable every time. And I happy to say that I have also had some successes along the way. Some bigger, some smaller.

At any rate. Along my journey I have had the great pleasure of meeting a multitude of very magnificent people and I have during the past couple of years been fortunate to have been invited to participate in a number of book collaborations along with finally one book on which I place my own name entirely. I’m honored to be able to present these books via Amazing Ideas, Inc. here:




Mikkel Pitzner