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If you saw our Press Release from today, you would see that we have decided to give away the book “Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online”.

The current inventory is just about 50 books and they will be given away to all interested on a first come, first serve basis. Once inventory is gone, the free give away will either have to be terminated or we will have to order a new batch (something that will delay the delivery).

The book has already helped a lot of businesses and professionals an contains tips, tricks and insights, that we use in Amazing Ideas, Inc. and in our work for our clients on a daily basis.

Again the book is given away fro FREE. All we ask in return is for you to help us out with a small $7 pay towards our expenditure on shipping & handling.

To make avail of the offer, just click the button below:

Please feel free to share this give away offer with others that you think it may benefit.



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