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First of 3 Things Your Website Must Do

OK, so if you followed along recently, I made a bummer. I commenced the series on the 3 Things Your Website Must Do, but in reality the posts that I presented were in fact more the 3 Questions Your Website Must Answer.

While I did set up a separate string of these posts subsequently, it might still create some confusion for which I apologize. You may call this a false start on the string.

Well, my mistake and I want to ensure you are getting what I promised. So here goes, I will commence the string on the subject of the 3 Things Your Website Must Do.

Here is the first thing your website must do:

Add Value.

That’s right.

Your website must add value to the recipient audience. If you add no value then they are not bound to hang around, share, like, make use of your ideas and certainly won’t come back for more.

When we post all these articles, posts and the series that we are, then we are at least aiming to bring you value.

You should find a lot of good value in some of these messages. In fact many of the insights I had to pay for expensively to acquire and they have been acquired over many years and from a multitude of experts and very cool people, who are highly regarded as some of the best in their fields.

Since Amazing Ideas, Inc. is a marketing agency, the ideas we bring you here are usually marketing related and since you are here, it’s probably because you have an interest in marketing or an interest in getting your business, products or services marketed somehow. In other words, there should be a fairly good fit between what we are bringing you here via our content and your interest.

As you will understand as we move along and as we will address more specifically in a future post, bringing the content can serve many, many purposes that can in fact help your website and ultimately help you sell your products, services, expertise, ideas or whatever it is that you wish to bring out there to the world.

For now and for in relation to this post, bringing value is equivalent to bringing reason to your website’s existence. In relation to marketing, if we have hopes of selling our products, services or expertise, we need to bring the market space value. More than that, we need to demonstrate that we bring value. Posts, articles, videos and similar can be great ways of demonstrating the value that you can bring.

On our website here, we add posts and articles quite a bit lately and even if we don’t sell to all visitors, there’s a good chance we have left them with value. Perhaps some key insights to what they need to do for their marketing or their website. While I would love to have all visitors pay me money, I ultimately believe it’s just good karma too to share in abundance and to share in this case the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated from our vast experience and our studies and work with other top marketing gurus.

When we share insights we also give a glimpse of the fact that we do know a thing or two about our topic area – in this case marketing , about the strategies that you need to think about in order to get the most out of your efforts. Over time, what should also be revealed and become apparent is that we are an authority in our field. And customers like to deal with authorities and experts in the field they need help with.

If you go to a dentist, you really want the dentist to be a real authority in his or her field. When you need a lawyer, you really want the lawyer to be an expert in the particular areas in which you seek out the lawyers help. If you have trouble with your car, you really want an expert mechanic to help fix the problem.

When you bring value, people quickly see why you are here, why they should listen to you and why they should consider buying from you etc.

Ultimately, if you bring no value, there really isn’t a very good reason you are here or in this case that you have a website up. You have probably once in a while been searching something online. Clicked a link and found that the content you arrived at brought no help whatsoever, nor any answers to the questions you needed answered. It might even have bothered or irritated you a little. In contrast you may then have clicked another link and all of a sudden landed on a site that gave you all the answers that you were looking for and now you are exceptionally happy.

Well, you want to make your site the site that will leave people exceptionally happy.

So you have to bring value. Again your website will not be for everyone, but within the field that your website is about, there exist an audience and you must ensure that you are bringing said audience good high value. When you do, you are also likely to end up being compensated somehow down the road, potentially even almost straight away from the purchase and dealings it will lead to with the visitors.


We will soon look at the second thing your website must do. To follow along this series, please bookmark 3 Things Your Website Must Do.



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