How do you choose the theme for your website?

Web Design: Choosing Your Theme For Your Website

Yesterday I mentioned that you just needed two more things for really getting started with your website and yesterday we looked at one of these being the question of where to host your website and I gave you a few possible suggestions of hosting services that I’m currently using myself and have been fairly pleased with. You can read yesterday’s post here: Where Do I Host My Website?

We are in the midst of the article series on the topic of How You Create The Perfect Website.

So following up on yesterday’s post, here is the last thing that you will need in order to really get going with your website: Choosing Your Theme.

Previously we discussed the platform to be used and I stated my personal preference and suggestion for opting for WordPress. One of the powers of WordPress is the abundance of themes (i.e. looks) available for you to choose from and the relative easy with which you can change the theme of your website and with (almost) one fell swoop change the entire look and feel of your website completely.

Here are a couple of resources that I have personally used in my work at Amazing Ideas, Inc. and that I would recommend that you have a look at for yourself:





Disclaimer: At the current time of writing this I have no affiliation with any of these and am in no way compensated for recommending them. These are some of the resources that I use myself and have been fairly pleased with.


A great way of sometimes finding the theme that you want is when you come across someone else’s website that you really like. If that website happens to be on a WordPress platform, then you can actually easily find out what the theme is called and where you can acquire it. To find out what WordPress theme someone is using, you can use this website: WhatWPThemeIsThat

Should the website that you like happen to be a non-WordPress platform site, then of course the above website service won’t help you much. Should that be the case, I would just suggest to go to one of the above mentioned resources and see if one of the themes offered look somewhat like the one you like.

Since there’s so many to choose from and since more and more great looking themes are entering the market on a continuous basis, you’ll be sure to find something you like.


One of the things I like so much about the whole concept of themes is that when eventually, you feel there’s a need to update the look of your website, then you can do so usually fairly easily and fairly quickly. And the change can be dramatic, completely giving your site a brand new look and feel.

I do say “usually” for I have had a few experiences that gave me a few headaches and where I had to do quite a bit of adjustments from one theme to another in order for it to look right. But in most cases you won’t be having too many difficulties when you change out a theme.

Again, in the “old” days, pretty much all websites were custom built and coded from scratch pretty much. That also meant that to change the look and feel of a site would require quite probably considerable new coding and new work, basically building a new site from scratch. With platforms such as WordPress you are so much better off and can make changes quickly and make the changes beautifully too.


Your choice of looks and feel may at times be more or less dictated by what it is you are selling and what your profession is. We talked about that a little in the post called:

You may wish to revisit the considerations I provided you with there to ponder.



Upcoming Post: There are a ton of themes available out there for you. Many are Free and even more are available at a price. The upcoming post will have a quick look at whether you should save some money and go with a free theme or whether you should spend a little money to get a premium/paid theme.

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The Perfect Website The Perfect Website Design - new article series from Amazing Ideas inc, Marketing Agency in Castle Rock Colorado

The Perfect Website

What would the perfect website be like?

For businesses I supposed the perfect website would be one that presents your business well and automates a lot of things for you, not least sales, deliveries and follow ups. In a perfect world it would work so well that sales just come in all by themselves on autopilot, are fulfilled and that subsequent follow through and customer care is carried out also automatically. Even more perfect, once set up, no more work would have to be done.

Sounds nice doesn’t it?

I would like one of those for each and every one of my businesses.

The truth is you can actually have a lot of these things in place for your website. The truth is also that, no, it will never be a set it and forget it.

Things move ahead and things change. You need to tweak and amend as it may become necessary. You may also need to feed your website with new and updated content, so that you keep bringing value into the market place, content relevant to what you are offering, value that your prospects can appreciate and that may help you and topics that may help your website get found in relevant searches and more.

But like I said. You can actually have a lot of the factors set in place and your website will perform wonderfully.

Is it easy?

Well, some of the parts are easy enough to set up. Some are a bit tricky or cumbersome and take some more time and work.

Getting it to work in unison and getting it to attract the right clients is a big challenge.

Often it comes down to what you are selling, how easily it is to specify what unique advantages you have and making a fantastically converting offer to a very highly targeted audience.

The more precise you have these points down, the more likely it is that you can make it happen and generate results from it.

We at Amazing Ideas, Inc., will be commencing a new series of posts and articles here on the topic of websites and website designs.

We hope that you will follow along and chime in with what you like and what you don’t like. We would also love to hear from you what is working for you right now and in fact what is not working for you.

Just enter your comments to each post as we move ahead or send us an email with your insights.

Should you be in need of assistance of getting a new website up, or of revamping an old website, or upgrading your current website to a mobile responsive and mobile friendly website, then we would love to help you out. Just call us or send us an email and we can get started on that.

Please follow along our series on Website Design.


This current series is relevant for all who is running a business and it will give you insights and points to ponder when deciding upon your website layout, look, feel and functionality. Current at Amazing Ideas, Inc. we are seeking to expand on the portfolio of websites that we create for customers and we specifically wish to expand on website for our local area of Castle Rock, Colorado. We welcome website design queries from all over though, so don’t let it hold you back, if we can help you.

As we talk with more and more clients about their websites, many of the same questions will arise and with this new series, we hope that we can provide even more answers and insights for you, our prospective clients and clients to go and review.





MarketingCastleRock - Marketing Castle Rock Local Shoppers who are more likely to buy NOW!

How Do You Get Ranked In Google Searches For Your Local Business?

Getting ranked in Google searches for something relevant to your local business is extremely important.

By doing so, you will basically get in front of a lot of people who just may become your future customers. For any local searches, I have previously stressed that such a visitor may be even more highly likely to buy from you NOW compared to searches that are non-local, who may be more information seekers rather than buyers.

The reason is that when we do a local search it is even more often than not the case, that we are actually in need of something specific here and now. Perhaps we need to find a dry cleaner, or a local DIY store, or find the nearest paint store or for the women a place to get our nails done.

When we do the local searches we are oftentimes much closer to actually effecting a purchase.

That’s why as a business, you will really want to ensure that you pop up in searches for your local market for something relevant to what you are selling.

Amazing Ideas, Inc. is a Castle Rock based marketing company – or marketing agency if you will – that helps businesses get their online marketing in place, so that customers come calling them instead of their competitors. Our aim is to ensure your marketing works so well for you, that customers come calling you, rather than you needing to chase after customers.

Currently, we are demonstrating some of the ways that you can increase your ranking results. We are doing so with ourselves as an example, aiming to get ourselves ranked for the 3 words: Marketing Castle Rock.

Again these words are relevant for us since we are a marketing company and since we wish to get in front of our local community’s businesses and online searchers, and being located in Castle Rock, well then our words are Marketing Castle Rock for the purpose of this articles series (posts).

If you review the article series, you will find a lot of insights and valuable points. You will also learn why our chosen words are possible not the best and why they will make it even more difficult for us to get the coveted page 1 result.

The entire series is an important series for you the business owner, who wish to get ranked for relevant keywords for your local marked, so that you can get right in front of the right buying customers.

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Again the series is using the example of getting my marketing business, Amazing Ideas Inc., ranked for Marketing Castle Rock.


Of course, if you don’t really want to learn how to do this yourself, but rather want to fast track your results, then we would love to help you achieve your desired results, so send us an email or call us at 888-988-2489 and we will get to work!