Which Platform Should I Use For My Website - The Perfect Website article series continued

Which Platform Do I Choose For My Perfect Website?

Alright, you have followed along this series on The Perfect Website and that means that by now you should have established who your ideal client is, or as we in the marketing world call it, who your ideal avatar is. Also you know specifically what problems you solve.

That means you know exactly who your audience is and how to talk to them and you know what you can solve for them and how to communicate that.

You also now have establish a great domain name, a great URL that possibly also will help you with your chances of getting a high ranking for one keyword that is important for your business.

Now comes then the time to make a decision on the subject of on which platform to house your website.

This post is not to become too technical, but by platform in this case I mean what technical platform to build your website on.

Do you go for a Drupal site, a Joomla, a WordPress or something else?

Here at Amazing Ideas, Inc. we exclusively use a WordPress platform. The reasons are many, but one of them is in fact that it is easy. It’s also a platform that thousands of people are writing code for, which means that more and more cool solutions are offered (in the form of e.g. plugins and themes). In addition what I really like, is that you can relatively easily and quickly change the look and feel of your website with a WordPress platform, just by changing out the theme you are using.

You may be able to find similar abilities and advantages on other technical platforms, but I’m pretty convinced that you are making no wrong decision by going the WordPress route.

Personally, I have had a little experience with a few other platforms. My first online website creation experience was via Apple’s own program. I cannot really remember what they called it, but I almost would think it was called iWeb (at least that seems somewhat logical following all of Apple’s i-something-programs).

I liked this program for it was so easy and that’s what I was looking for. I was not in the game to learn technical stuff at all. However, it came will many limitations among which was the lack of abilities for really optimizing for web searches.

As I have previous stated, you can have the best solution in the world for some problem, but if no one knows about it, it will do you no good (nor your target audience). If you cannot get found in search results, you are likely to get nowhere.

A further limitation is that I believe Apple subsequently killed the application off, which probably was a very sensible thing to do seeing these other platforms are so well functioning, relatively easy to grasp and use and seeing they probably each are more focused on providing such solutions, whereas Apple’s focus might have been too distracted on other products.

I have also for a brief time had some experience with the Joomla platform. Personally I found it to be cumbersome and “oldish” to work with. When the site that we worked on had to be upgraded because of security issues and concerns with the platform, we chose to build a brand new site on WordPress.

On occasion you will run into other platforms that promises easy build and drag and drop features. While I welcome ingenuity and intuitive platforms, I wish to make to sure that in the midst of things we are not losing abilities for awesome plugins en masse, as well as excellent tools for carrying out the necessary and important work of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along the way. Platforms such as Wix and Weebly come to mind. People sometimes come and ask me; “But what about this site… and this site?” and without being a true expert of these sites, let me just say that, I have my personal doubts.

Some years back, a friend of mine got me into bike riding as a way to get fit and stay fit. I thought “great, why not?” and started looking into what bike to get.

He mentioned the brand Lightspeed which was aluminum based, but then also mentioned a few brands that were carbon based. Of course the bikes looked awesome and held promises for me to become the coolest bike rider in no time. Hmm.

I looked a bit further and before long I found that there were at least 10 or 12 very high end brands all with their own very cool bikes (expensive too). I also found that speaking with any bike sales guy or any bicyclist would result in a new opinion on what to get.

Long story short. I wanted a bike and needed to cut through the clutter. So I asked myself: “Who is the best bike rider out there?”

Well, this was probably 2004 or so and Lance Armstrong was winning one Tour De France race after the other, so I thought, “OK, Lance Armstrong must be the best”.

No concerns at this point on drug enhancement or not. That’s not the issue here, nor if indeed Lance was the best rider of them all. Point is, he was killing it and that meant he probably also was using a great bike.

I proceeded then, by asking the next question: “what bike does Lance ride?” Well, easy to find out, it was a Trek bike and at the time I entered into it was the Trek 5900 or something to that effect.

My conclusion was simple: If the Trek 5900 was good enough for Lance, it was probably good enough for me.

So off I went and bought a Trek 5900.

The power of marketing and exposure, huh?

I’m by no means a mean bike rider. In fact I get on my bike way too little, but I still enjoy having a great bike when I do venture out on it and I actually still have and use my Trek 5900.

My point is, when deciding on choices among a myriad of what seems to make for good solutions, you will often find a ton of so-called experts that each have their own opinions and recommendations about what you should go with. What I do, is to look at who is doing the best out there. Who is crushing it? Who is creating phenomenal results and who is dependable – in this case – on their web platform to be working and function able at all times?

When I looked around almost all that I found, who really depended on the web platform and web presence, were using the platform WordPress. If it was good enough for them, it would probably be good enough for me too.

Those who were not using WordPress typically had some custom made platform.

But custom made, while it can be powerful – also renders you in need of specialized knowledge and expertise to keep running. Want an upgrade to it and now you are more than likely suck facing yet another expense on developers and coders. So custom is not the route to go in my opinion.


So without mocking any other platform, let me just say, that I personally see no point in investigating (at least at this point in time) any other platform than WordPress. Indeed, if I get involved with a client that demands another platform to be used, I will either outsource that work or tell the client that we are not a good fit.

Truly, I don’t believe there is some need a client might have in these regards that can not be satisfied via the WordPress platform, so instead of thinning down our expertise, we will rather want to stick to this platform and thereby only get better and better and even more savvy than we currently are.

My conclusion and recommendation is thus simple: Just go with the WordPress platform and you’ll be fine. Could this recommendation change later on? Possibly, but I don’t foresee this for any foreseeable future.


Upcoming Post: Where to get your hosting service and a couple of things to look for.

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Creating The Perfect Website - Knowing Their Pain _ Someone is searching for your brilliant solution

Knowing Their Pain

We are in our series on The Perfect Website, which is all to do with how you create your perfect website and how you get it to work for you and create the results you want.

You probably want your website to give a good presentation of you, your message or your products and services or the solutions that you provide. For businesses, personal or not, you probably want it to end up resulting in a provision of sales, either through the website itself or at least via the website.

This series should help you make some of your decisions and guide you through some of the questions you will need to answer for yourself, so that you will end up with a website that achieves what you are seeking.

In the previous post we looked predominantly at two main questions that you need to look at and how your answers to these questions may help bring about the answers to how you website should look. What color palette you might employ, the images that you will use and also the vocabulary that you will put in when you add text to your website.


The two key questions were:

  1. Who Is My Ideal Avatar?
  2. What Problem(s) Do I Solve?


As you may recall, your avatar is really as detailed a description as possible of the ideal client that you will like to have come calling you on and on again in your business.

I may in this series be focusing on a website that represents a business, but it really doesn’t matter what you are “selling” and the elements of my suggestions will still hold true.

Even if you aren’t selling anything per se, but just wish to convey your thoughts and musings, well, then ultimately, there are probably a certain set of people that you’ll rather want to attract than others. Probably you want to attract people that will resonate with your message and that will support your ideas.

By being as detailed as possible when you answer for yourself the question of Who Is My Ideal Avatar? Will help you greatly formulate outcomes that will eventually actually attract such persons while simultaneously repel people who don’t align with you, your products, your message or whatever you will put on your website.

This is good all around.

Sometimes, people are fearing they will repel others, but in truth, if the person coming to your website does not like you or resonate with your content, you will probably be better off if they are repelled and stay away altogether.

Instead you want to attract people who will love what you are bringing and who will support your quest and in case of a business, who will buy from you.


Question 2 continues and helps you get even more straight about how your website should look and how you might want to present your content.

People are usually looking for answers or solutions when online – outside of just wasting time and dillydallying from one website to another or hanging out on social media or watching videos endlessly.

What Problem Do I Solve?

A great instructor once told me that you have to camp out in their nightmare. It means that whatever problem you solve, someone has that problem and it is causing pain for that person. Paint this picture well for them and really dig into it, and then when you present your solution to them, they’ll pull out their wallet and buy from you.

It sounds a bit harsh and yes, it is in fact a bit of twisting the knife in the wound. But it can be very effective.

I’m a person who is choosing to stay as positive as possible and wishes to bring positive mindset, thoughts and actions into what I do and how I interact with the world (I wasn’t always like this, mind you). So in truth, I would rather wish to do some of this part differently.

But you need to remember that you are providing solutions of some sort and you will need to connect with your audience first. When you have shown and demonstrated that you know their pain and their struggle, then they may better trust you when you say that you have found a solution and now you are providing this to them (for pay of course).

Say you recount your story of having been debt ridden and suffered the consequences of having had a terrible credit score, but that you found your way out and now have a dream lifestyle. When you recount the story of all the struggles, of all the terrible moments when the gas, electricity and your phone were shut off. When you couldn’t get the loans you needed or the terms were such that they just dug you deeper into that hole. When your personal relationships went down the drain as a result of all the financial hardship and when you didn’t even have the few dollars for buying diapers for your newborn.

When you can recounts such stories with sincerity and real experiences, your audience who may be facing such troubles will see that you have been there and that you understand their pain.

So then when you present your solution of how you found a better way and how you pulled yourself out of your hole and how you can help them too getting back on foot and back on track to a steady financial state, then they will tune in and be interested in your solution.

OK, this particular problem-solution example might not be relevant to your business or to the problems you solve, but yet again it is. You just have to ask yourself again What Problems Do I Solve? Someone out there is searching for your brilliant solution.

A plumber for instance might be able to retell a story on how a burst water pipe led to massive water damage and all the pain that came along with that and how you have found a solution to prevent such before it ever even happens. So it’s basically the same thing as the horror story of the financially challenged person, you dig into the pain and then you offer your solution.


If you didn’t read the first session of this series, you can go back and read here: The Perfect Website – Session 1 – The Place To Start

I would love to learn more about what Problems You Solve and how you are making the world aware of your solutions. So please comment and let me and others know.



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The Perfect Website The Perfect Website Design - new article series from Amazing Ideas inc, Marketing Agency in Castle Rock Colorado

The Perfect Website

What would the perfect website be like?

For businesses I supposed the perfect website would be one that presents your business well and automates a lot of things for you, not least sales, deliveries and follow ups. In a perfect world it would work so well that sales just come in all by themselves on autopilot, are fulfilled and that subsequent follow through and customer care is carried out also automatically. Even more perfect, once set up, no more work would have to be done.

Sounds nice doesn’t it?

I would like one of those for each and every one of my businesses.

The truth is you can actually have a lot of these things in place for your website. The truth is also that, no, it will never be a set it and forget it.

Things move ahead and things change. You need to tweak and amend as it may become necessary. You may also need to feed your website with new and updated content, so that you keep bringing value into the market place, content relevant to what you are offering, value that your prospects can appreciate and that may help you and topics that may help your website get found in relevant searches and more.

But like I said. You can actually have a lot of the factors set in place and your website will perform wonderfully.

Is it easy?

Well, some of the parts are easy enough to set up. Some are a bit tricky or cumbersome and take some more time and work.

Getting it to work in unison and getting it to attract the right clients is a big challenge.

Often it comes down to what you are selling, how easily it is to specify what unique advantages you have and making a fantastically converting offer to a very highly targeted audience.

The more precise you have these points down, the more likely it is that you can make it happen and generate results from it.

We at Amazing Ideas, Inc., will be commencing a new series of posts and articles here on the topic of websites and website designs.

We hope that you will follow along and chime in with what you like and what you don’t like. We would also love to hear from you what is working for you right now and in fact what is not working for you.

Just enter your comments to each post as we move ahead or send us an email with your insights.

Should you be in need of assistance of getting a new website up, or of revamping an old website, or upgrading your current website to a mobile responsive and mobile friendly website, then we would love to help you out. Just call us or send us an email and we can get started on that.

Please follow along our series on Website Design.


This current series is relevant for all who is running a business and it will give you insights and points to ponder when deciding upon your website layout, look, feel and functionality. Current at Amazing Ideas, Inc. we are seeking to expand on the portfolio of websites that we create for customers and we specifically wish to expand on website for our local area of Castle Rock, Colorado. We welcome website design queries from all over though, so don’t let it hold you back, if we can help you.

As we talk with more and more clients about their websites, many of the same questions will arise and with this new series, we hope that we can provide even more answers and insights for you, our prospective clients and clients to go and review.





Learn how to create your own professional website

Marketing agency Amazing Ideas Inc. Offers Free How To Build Your Own Website

Marketing agency Amazing Ideas Inc. Offers Free Fast Track Video Training Series On How To Build Your Own Website Using WordPress


Castle Rock, CO – February 13, 2015 – Amazing Ideas Inc., a marketing agency founded and operated by successful serial entrepreneur and multiple best-selling author, Mikkel Pitzner, just offered a Free Fast Track Video Training Series on How To Build Your Own Website Using WordPress.

While Amazing Ideas, Inc. offers to build your website as part of their service offerings, they also realize that some people would actually rather like to build their own. Therefore, the creator of Amazing Ides, Inc., Mikkel Pitzner, has created a complete training program on how to use WordPress and is now offering that as the program is being re-launched, updated and upgraded.

The video training program shows you how to get started from scratch and leads you from complete beginnings through to a fully professionally looking website. There’s no need for prior experience or knowledge of coding of any kind. In fact, the aim for the program is to relay the “how to” information in such a manner that anybody, including those, who consider themselves absolutely non-techie, to be able to follow along, so they too can learn how to create and build their own professionally looking website.

As mentioned, part of the program is made available for free, so that you can get started straight away without having to cough up money. It’s aimed for the small business owner, the professional or even the hobbyist who would like to learn how to build their own really professionally looking website or who would just like to learn how to get their website up and running or at least to be able to update and tweak it from time to time.

As Mikkel Pitzner states it: “It’s the WordPress training program that we had wished I had had when we learned how to build websites”.

You can avail of the Free Fast Track series via the website of Amazing Ideas, Inc.

Naturally Amazing Ideas Inc. is continuing to offer their services including the website creation and building for companies and professionals who do not wish to do it themselves. The company can be contacted by phone at 888-988-2489 or via email at info@amazingideasinc.com


More About Amazing Ideas Inc.

Amazing Ideas Inc., a Colorado based company, was founded by Mikkel Pitzner as he began to share with other companies his highly knowledgeable marketing skills that he has acquired over many years of running a multitude of businesses that span varied non-related industries as well as States, Countries and even Continents. When more and more businesses wanted to learn more about the marketing implementations that worked and wanted Mikkel’s help it was time to form an actual marketing agency.

The company has served a string of businesses and has brought large growths to their business websites and along with it increased sales.

The marketing agency is a full service marketing agency, but focuses primarily on digital marketing (or online marketing), but coupled with the unique and vast insights and experience of Mikkel Pitzner’s entrepreneurial background the marketing strategies offered are coupled with business intellect and insights to a higher degree than would normally be found from marketing agencies.


More About Mikkel Pitzner:

Serial Entrepreneur and sought after professional board member in Denmark, Sweden and the US (privately held as well as publicly traded companies), consultant, investor and dreamer extraordinaire, Mikkel Pitzner is a Partner of unique marketing and trailer rental company, Freetrailer, which currently operates throughout Denmark, Sweden and Germany with more countries to come. He is the Partner in a company named Aksel & Ko that finds that special gimmick or solution corporations need for their marketing and campaign purposes. He is the CEO of RetailWise USA that provides highly valuable surveys and insights to large retailers and help them gain perspective of the true potentials of individual stores. He is also the CEO of Pivot Point Enterprises which has created a unique online business platform for businesses of all sizes and any industry on which to collaborate and manage all their business processes and so much more.

Originally from Denmark, Mikkel Pitzner used to run what turned into the fourth largest car rental company while he quadrupled its number of locations and a leasing company he lead to a doubling of size.  The company was Pitzner Auto, which during the latter years under Mikkel’s management also became the Budget Rent A Car licensee for Denmark. Mikkel left the company after being instrumental in the challenging sale of the company in a sale that actually comprised a split of the company to 3 different buyers.

From later 1996 up until end of 2010 he owned and operated the largest limousine service company in Denmark which profits he managed to grow 3200% during the first year of ownership alone. The company served the most discerned clientele including no less than 3 recent US presidents, being George Bush, President Clinton and President Obama, the latter during the World Climate Summit meetings during 2009, servicing more than 200 limousines to the US Embassy of Copenhagen along with numerous other embassies, countries, royalties, celebrities, multi-conglomerates etc.

Mikkel Pitzner also successfully ran an import and distribution company of scuba diving equipment until that company successfully was sold to a German distributor just a few years following the foundation.

From the experience of running so many varied businesses Mikkel Pitzner learned that all businesses are in need of marketing that works. He has studied with the best of the World’s best marketers and he has tried and tested all kinds of marketing efforts. He finally became such a marketing expert that he founded a new marketing agency called Amazing Ideas Inc., which for the past 6 years has served a string of businesses privately owned as well as publicly traded companies.

Mikkel Pitzner has been featured on CNBC, ABC, CNNMONEY.com, Entrepreneur, Fox News, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, SmartMoney, USA Today and NBC, America’s PremierExperts, Børsen, Berlingske Tidende, Erhvervsbladet and Näringsliv. Mikkel Pitzner was also a guest at the Brian Tracy TV Show, Amino TV, The Secret Entourage and radio program Money for Lunch.

Mikkel Pitzner is currently finalizing work on several information products on each its own topic, but all based on experiences of his own and from his vast studies and education. As mentioned above these programs soon to be released teaches the basic tools need for entrepreneurs to run their business, how to become an automated millionaire, how to build a business, for females: How to build you own business, become financially independent and grow more confident and finally a program on goal setting.

Mikkel Pitzner is also a multi best selling author and a list of his books is given below:

The Art And Science Of Success, Vol. 2

The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need

The Success Secret

Marketing Miracles

New Rules Of The Game

Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secrets For Marketing Your Business Online

Masterminds’ Insights To Business Success

Breaking Through


Mikkel is currently working on his latest book titled “The Automated Millionaire”.


Learn more at http://www.mikkelpitzner.com





Amazing Ideas Inc.

Mikkel Pitzner

888 988 2489




New Product: Learn WordPress

We would love to sell you a new website for you or for your business. But from time to time, we have connections with people who would actually rather like to build their own website. That’s cool too, and we can understand how there are situations in which it can be the route to go.

So, in order to help you go that route we have created an online training course that will show you how to create your own professional looking website using WordPress.

Learn how to create your own professional website

The program is a full 6 module – 6 week program that is aimed for the total newbie to WordPress and to building websites. There’s no need to have special skills or to be tech savvy. The program seeks to avoid the use of coding to as great an extent as possible, but shows you how to create really awesome looking websites for yourself or for your business. It’s the program that we wish we would have had when we started out learning how to build websites.

There’s even a glimpse into the program with a Free Fast Track Videos Series that you can avail, so you can get more insight into the program and to gauge if it is for you. Click here to learn more about The Free Fast Track Video Series. We think you will love it.


If you know someone else who would be interested in learning how to build their own website, then please share the link to this post. We would love to help a lot of people with their websites – whether they wish to build their own or if they wish for us to build their sites.