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Amazing Ideas Inc. has carried out most of its work for a very select few clients for a number of years, but is now opening up the possibilities for other to make avail of the great insights and knowledge that we have acquired over the years. The insights that we have learned and tested are known to get real results fast. All are completely “white hat” as opposed to “black hat” operations. In other words we only use good sound elements into our marketing and avoid nifty latest tricks that might fool the search engines, but only temporarily and thus will leave you at risk for being “found out” and being obliterated from the search results later down the road.

As we move our services and expertise into a field of offering to a larger audience we will be building out our website further to match what it is we are doing. In other words, if you are visiting our site at the time of writing this, you should known and consider that the site is still under construction.

Time permitting we will bring you some of our key insights in the form of videos and articles. In other words, some of the best insights that we have gained will be published freely to you so that you may gain more knowledge of what it will take to make your services, products and information found by a larger audience so that your business can grow further and grow more profitable. Naturally, we will love to serve you and your business, but even if you decide after reading our highly valuable insights to go ahead and implement on your own or with an agency you may be happily working with already, then you are completely free to do so. We believe in good karma and are happy to serve you – even with a lot of cool free stuff.

In order to not lose out on some of the great insights that we will publish in future – and to receive your first free key insights – we strongly suggest that you sign up for more updates from us. You can do so from the “Promo-bar” that you find toward the bottom of our website or use this link here. That’s right, it’s the one that currently gives you Chapter 1 of the book “Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online”. And please, do not worry. We hate spam as much as anyone and will only endeavor to send you real and valuable information. Also we respect your privacy and will not share nor sell any of your information to any third part entity.

But as mentioned, for now, go ahead and sign up for the first free stuff by getting Chapter 1 of Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secrets book.



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