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At Amazing Ideas Inc. we are not so much concerned with getting the very latest gimmick or trick that’s supposedly going to solve all your problems for you. Why? Well, quite frankly cause these rarely work and often distract from getting the real and true results that you are seeking to achieve – which for your business usually when marketing is involved means getting more clients and more revenues, leading to a more profitable business, while ensuring you achieve the maximum return on your efforts and investment in getting there.

So what we do make use of are true and tested elements of marketing that we know do work and know do get results.

As you may have read if you visited our About Us page, we are mostly concerned with your digital marketing efforts. Not that physical and offline marketing efforts cannot be beneficial and of great value, but we wish to focus on elements of which we have build a considerable expertise and believe that for other non-digital marketing needs, you will be better served by someone who have special expertise in such matters.

When we focus on your digital marketing, we start off by evaluating your current digital DNA – meaning your current online presence (website and other web presence). Still today, most digital presences such as websites of companies in all industries are hugely lacking some of the elements that create the most value and return for the businesses. In the best of cases, all that is needed is just a few parts to be implemented and incorporated into the current website, but in many – if not most – cases, a brand new website is needed. Possibly other parts of web presence needs to be amended or established and these could include various social media presence, book marking sites, blogging aggregator sites etc.

There are certain things a website must do in order to be of any real use and in order to bring some true results to the company. We will outline these elements specifically to you and if you desire to work with us, we will work out a specific strategy that is specific to your products and services and to your company and then set out to implement it, creating a truly functional digital DNA and presence that will improve your results and give you a solid return on your investment into these efforts.

To learn if we are the right fit for you and to ensure that you feel comfortable with your choice for digital marketing partner we offer you a free 30 minutes phone consultation during which we can get an idea of your current digital presence, your goals and what must be done for you to get there. During the consultation we will be able to outline some of the most critical steps that you need to implement.

Should you wish to hire us for your digital marketing needs following the phone consultation we will naturally be ecstatic, but if you do not chose to work with us, we would at least have brought you valuable insights for you to go ahead and implement yourself or with someone else. Either way, we will appreciate the opportunity to convey to you our expertise and be pleased to bring you real value.