Our Focus Is For Digital Marketing And How You Get The Most Results With your Efforts

Amazing Ideas Inc. is primarily focused on your digital marketing efforts. In other words we are focused on creating your digital DNA and ensuring it gets you the most traction for your efforts. We commence by looking at what strategy makes the most sense for your products and services and what it is you desire to achieve. Then we create your new website and other digital signatures and presence to maximize these for lead capturing and sales. Should the case be, that your existing site is quite good already, then we may just opt for amending it to optimize for results.

Special Free Report: 7 Secrets To Websites That Sell

Amazing Ideas Inc. has produced a special report on 7 Secrets To Websites That Sell that we are giving away for free. If you wish to obtain this report then please grab it here.

There are a number of secrets to making your website sell. We have seen a huge number of websites and build numerous ourselves. We have tried and tested what works and what does not seem to get any results. Our report on 7 Secrets To Websites That Sell shares with you some of the key insights that you should incorporate for your website if you wish to make sales.

Mikkel Pitzner, Serial Entrepreneur, Board Member, Masterminder & Marketeeer Extra OrdinaireOver the years I have been fortunate to encounter many great individuals, thought leaders and visionaries. Some I met in real life, some I just met via book, audio programs or videos. Some of those I met in real life I ended up partnering with and other I just worked with in one form or another for one or more specific projects.

In all, I was fascinated by the many great ideas that I was pleased to be introduced to and I was indeed grateful for the ideas that somehow came to me via my own thought process or via my unconsciousness working over time. All in all I was inspired by great ideas, by amazing ideas.

That’s why it felt natural that when I need to establish a new company, I chose to name it:

“Amazing Ideas, Inc.”

Now, the problem with a great idea is that if no one ever hears about it or learns about it then it probably doesn’t do anyone any good. For business that means that the business probably doesn’t get any traction let alone any great results. You can have the best idea in the world – the best product or the best service –  but if no one knows about it, then you probably won’t be seeing any sales and before long, you will have to give up on your great idea and close up shop.

From running a fairly large number of different businesses of various sizes spanning many different and unrelated industries and not least spanning different cultures, languages, countries and continents, and from consulting even more again across industries and continents, I’ve learned that without the right marketing, you really will be struggling up hill and have huge difficulties in gaining any real results and growing at the pace you and your idea deserves.

That’s why I’ve committed a huge amount of time and money to gain insights into what works and not least what will work in future in this fast paced and ever changing world.

Yes, that’s right. I have spent an excessive amount of money and huge amounts of time and traveled the world, seeking out the best knowledge and the best performing marketers of the world to learn from them and to gain the most valuable insights of marketing and tools that is available today.

The insights gained and the knowledge that I have acquired from the top marketers of today’s world is what I now offer to you. No, I do not just offer another marketing or advertising agency to you. What I offer you contains insights that are available only to those who invested in high end and high ticket mastermind groups and events with the biggest names in marketing today.

That also means that I do not just offer you a simple website or accept any odd marketing job. In other words, I may be working in slightly different ways that you have been used to by your typical ‘ad agency’ or ‘marketing agency’.

Typically, I will only engage in businesses’ marketing as a marketing consultant on a retainer basis. Yes, we might start off with just a simple job so you can see that I can actually supply you the simple stuff and so that you can get a feel for what I have to offer. But please realize that I do not necessarily come cheap. Yes, I and my services will be cheap in comparison to the results and the change that I will be able to bring your business. But if you are cheap or you do not value high end insights that can mean huge difference in the end results for your business, well, then you should probably move on and find someone else to consult with. Yes, I realize that these may be harsh words and I mean not to offend anybody, but I feel it’s better that I speak very directly with you, so you will realize fully what we are dealing with and what you’ll gain from working with me.

When, however, you’re on board, then you will quickly realize the benefits of what we can offer you from Amazing Ideas, Inc. and your business should soon reap the rewards of the investment and the efforts.

So the question is: Will you be our next family member and client?

Mikkel Pitzner,

Founder of Amazing Ideas, Inc.

Marketing Expert and Serial Entrepreneur Mikkel Pitzner at Work

How do you bring your Amazing Idea into life? How do you make it resonate with a targeted audience? How do you use your idea to create the results you yearn for for your business, yourself and your livelihood?

At Amazing Ideas, Inc. we help you bring your idea into life and help you obtain real results. We can help you in many ways, be it either via one of our information products through which you can learn what to do and then go and implement this knowledge yourself to done-for-you-services such as designing and building your website, your brand and your online presence.

But we are more than an advertising agency. We offer business consulting that brings vast experience with it. Experience from a multitude of different companies, industries, countries and cultures. Experience that stems from small as well as large companies, from privately held companies to publicly traded companies. The insights and background sometimes help you identify the particular avenues that shall bring about your vastly improved results relatively quickly as the time when we consulted a World Champion Free Diver who took our advice and within 3 weeks tripled his business without working harder or longer hours. Other times result improvements will need a little more nurturing over time and more work as complexities expand. That’s why we have a multitude of different way in which we can be of service to you and to your business.

Sometimes it just takes the form of a consultancy for a shorter or longer period of time, other times the task is task-specific and at other times, the solution takes the form of long term commitment, possibly being a part of the board of directors. In some instances the solution actually even entails partnerships and co-owned projects. Solutions are often to be found on a client by client basis as each may face different challenges and may also have different objectives. The multitudes of situations is what makes it of particular value that the experience we bring is so vast and diverse.

We make no claims of one hit wonders, of instant quick fixes and get-rich-quick schemes. But we do make claims that what we teach, convey or do create real differences in your marketing, your presence and that we can help you create results for your business, your brand and your presence – online as well as off-line.

About Mikkel Pitzner, Founder and CEO of Amazing Ideas Inc.

Amazing Ideas Inc. was founded by Mikkel Pitzner who not only is a marketing expert, but also brings a vast experience of entrepreneurship from running and owning a long string of businesses spanning many varied industries, States, Countries and even Continents. The coupling of result driven marketing and business strategies makes for very smart choices that optimizes the marketing efforts and brings it all together with the running of an optimal business.

Mikkel Pitzner is still active with a long list of businesses outside Amazing Ideas Inc. which only strengthens the expertise and what we can bring to the clients’ businesses.

Mikkel Pitzner is a multiple best-selling author having so far produced 9 books, two of which were specifically on marketing. You can receive freely a chapter of the excellent book on digital marketing called: “Mikkel Pitzner’s Trade Secrets For Marketing Your Business Online” here.

If you wish to learn more about Mikkel Pitzner, you may visit his personal ego website at www.mikkelpitzner.com

Want to take things a bit further?

In addition to marketing services and the special marketing consultancy offered by Amazing Ideas, Inc., you can hire a Professional Board of Directors to help you with your business or you can see if Mikkel Pitzner, himself, may be interested in joining your board of directors. Mikkel Pitzner is a multiple parallel entrepreneur with a vast business experience that spans a multitude of companies, business and industries in the United States as well as in several European countries. He’s also considered a professional board member and has helped build a lot of companies to stronger positions and vastly improved results. A very recent example is a 2 million dollars cost savings on a yearly basis that Mikkel Pitzner brought to a large company in the construction and equipment rental industry. You can learn more about Mikkel Pitzner on his personal website: http://www.mikkelpitzner.com

And for those who are on a budget. You may find some of the books by Mikkel Pitzner and his friends to be of use or indeed you can keep an eye out for the free information and free informational products that we make available from time to time. A good idea for you to stay up to date with the opportunities is for you to sign up for our Newsletter. You can do so by signing up for the award winning chapter that Mikkel Pitzner is offering you on his personal website www.mikkelpitzner.com

In closing, we appreciate you being here and appreciate you potentially considering one or more of our products and services. We hope that we will have the great fortune to speak and engage with you in one or more of your ideas, products and services.